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Travel ‘Green’ in Auckland!

Green Cabs – your ‘feelgood’ choice when you need to call a taxi in Auckland (or Wellington and Christchurch for that matter).

Big Little City

Image source: Big Little City

Green Cabs is the only taxi company that actively forecasts green house gas emissions from their operations and offsets them.   All of the Green Cab drivers are presented very professionally in a uniform and they (as well as their vehicles) must undergo regular checks to ensure they are up to standard and providing the best possible service.  You can also feel safe travelling in a Green Cab as all of their drivers are police checked and provided with comprehensive training.  Bonus – nothing better than a taxi driver who actually knows where they are going!!

All of the cars have satellite navigation systems to ensure that you are escorted on the quickest route possible to your destination – this is to your advantage obviously as you are not going to be charged anymore than necessary and of course, it means less harmful emissions are produced on your journey!

Why do Green Cabs plant trees you ask?

Each tree planted removes an average of 50lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

Trees help reverse desertification, stabilise land and stop soil erosion. Trees improve the air quality and moderate the climate and also provide a habitat for wildlife.

It’s about more than just offsetting emissions. Green Cabs has an aim of planting as many trees as possible through their Tree planting partner Trees for the Future.  So far they have planted 40,000 through sponsoring villages in Senegal, the Phillipines and Ethiopia.

So, will it cost you more?  The answer is no – Because Green Cabs cost a lot less to run than your average taxi, their rates are also less than many other taxi compaines.  So not only will you get a safe quiet comfortable ride when you take a Green Cab you’ll also have a bit more money left in your pocket at the end of your journey and you can feel good in the fact you are not harming our gorgeous environment!

Green Cabs can be contacted on 0508 447 336 or hailed roadside.

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Auckland Soccer Club Needs Help!

Soccer World Club Cup bound Auckland City has not found its coach yet. Pre-season training starts on September 1 but they have yet to sign a coach to lead the team. The FIFA Club World Cup will be in December.

Club chairman Ivan Vuksich said talks are underway with an overseas coach, but some issues remain unresolved that is preventing the deal to be finalised. The club is also keeping in touch with Paul Posa who steered them to O-League and New Zealand Football Championship, and the spot in the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi.

In the meantime, the club has continued to sign players, with most of last season’s squad already committed. Club captain Ivan Vicelich and strikers Keryn Jordan and Grant Young have all re-signed, as well as goalie Jacob Spoonley.

Other key players on the roster are Ian Hogg, Jacob Mathews, Daniel Kopricvic, Paul Gouthard, Greg Walters, and Jason Hayne.

So fingers crossed they find someone to lead them to victory soon!

Image source: Auckland City Football Club

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Fancy Yourself as a Designer?

Opening the Red Gatesis Auckland’s project to develop the Queen’s Wharf right in the heart of the Auckland CBD…..and they are calling for you to submit designs or ideas on how to reconvert the area for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.


Image source: Queenswharf.org.nz

Queen’s Wharf was recently purchased by the Auckland Regional Council and the Government so it can be developed into a public space and cruise ship terminal and be the venue for events and celebrations.

If you have a design for the development and would like to submit it, then you need to download the briefing documents on their website by clicking this link. Or If you simply have an idea but do not want to submit a design, then you can also do it on their website.

The designer or design team finalist will get $10,000 – so definitely worth your while!

The competition formally begins on 24th of August, and you have until the 11th of September to submit your design and ideas. The entries will then be shown to the public starting on the 13th of September, Stage 1 winners will be announced on the 25th of September and a grand winner will be chosen sometime in November. It is expected that construction will begin in July 2010.

So pick up the pen, whip out the drawing boards, put on your thinking caps and start making those lines. Who knows? Your idea may permanently come to life in Auckland’s Queen’s Wharf.

For more information, go to the Queen’s Wharf website.

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Faster Access to Auckland from Aussie!

Improvements to Auckland Airport’s border system are currently underway!

SmartGate’, a self-processing kiosk, will be put in place in early December for Australian and New Zealand citizens who are flying in from Australia, and early 2010 for departures to Australia.

Kiosks for departing passengers have already been placed on trial in some Australian airports and have proved a success.

At present, an average of 15 minutes are needed for every passenger to get through the immigration process, and it increases to 30 to 40 minutes during peak hours. It is expected that these times will be cut significantly if a lot of people take advantage of the new technology.

And just to get a grip on the benefits of this system, the airport handled 575,000 arrivals from Australia during the first 6 months of this year. This streamlining will surely make Auckland an even more more appealing destination to Australians – so what are you waiting for, come on over!

If this proves successful then I am sure this will open up not just for the trans-tasman route, but the transpacific and other routes as well.

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2011 Rugby World Cup….Preparations Begin!

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is a good two years away, but some 35% of the businesses in Auckland are already preparing for it according to a survey conducted by AucklandPlus recently.

AucklandPlus is a business unit of the Auckland Regional Council and is its economic development agency.

It is projected that a whopping $267 million will course through Auckland on the days that lead up to and on the tournament days itself. It is an opportunity that businesses can’t afford to miss and take advantage of, and so expect this slice of the percentage pie to increase in the next few months.

The Rugby World Cup kicks off at Eden Park on 9th September 2011 and will go on until the 23rd of October. Aside from New Zealand, the other participating countries are Tonga, France, Argentina, Scotland, England, Australia, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Wales and Fiji.

No doubt the Rugby World Cup will be exciting times for Auckland, and it will be a great time for you to visit this vibrant city as well. But why wait that long when you know that businesses are starting their preparations for it already. This means more choices with shopping, more food varieties, more activities to do, and more selection of rooms to sleep in for everyone planning to come to Auckland.

Come and beat the crowds!

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On Ya Bike!

After celebrating success by the Junior Cycling track team at the World Championships in Moscow last week Auckland now have even more reason to push forward with an indoor velodrome in Auckland.


Image source: tvnz

New Zealand currently only has one velodrome – in Invercargill, built in 2006 it has proved very successful with numbers in competitive cycling increasing.

Cycling South

Image source: Cycling South

Cycling Auckland have been investigating possible venues for sometime and have now set up a charitable trust headed by Peter Walker.  The Trust have the support of the Manukau City Council who have indicated they will provide provisional support including provision of a site for the velodrome’s construction next to the existing, 20 year old outdoor velodrome where all of Auckland’s competitive cyclists currently train.

The Trust has announced that they will be actively seeking funding from corporations, government and other sources, they are hoping that with the creation of the new ‘Super City’ the velodrome will be well supported by Aucklanders as a facility to be proud of.

With the possibility of the Auckland Super City hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games the new velodrome  could cement their bid and well as draw other international track events to the city.

It is possible that not just cycling will benefit from the velodrome, initial designs also incorporate facilities for other sports such as netball and could also house the national headquarters of all organisations related to cycling.

So it seems this would be a great asset for Auckland’s community – what are your thoughts on the new plans?

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Cadbury Chocolates Back on the Zoo Menu!

Cadbury chocolates will be back in Auckland Zoo. This news comes after Cadbury New Zealand decided to remove palm oil as an ingredient in their products.


Image source: Cadbury

Palm oil was recently introduced into Cadbury’s chocolate mix in line with their cost cutting measures. What they did not foresee was an uprising in the consumer public, with Auckland Zoo leading the way by banning Cadbury chocolates to be sold inside the zoo.

Auckland Zoo voiced concern that palm oil production damages rain forests, particularly in South East Asia which are the natural habitats of the orangutans and many other wildlife species. It is predicted that orangutans will be extinct in the wild in less than 10 years if the current growth of palm oil plantations continues.

The zoos orangutan group is in the Just Juice Primate Trail and form part of a co-ordinated breeding programme. Come and visit them and I bet you will have fun and learn to appreciate Auckland Zoo’s stand against palm oil production.

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The New Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki is New Zealand’s oldest art gallery that opened in 1888. It holds more than 14,000 works of national and international art dating from the 12th century up to the present. But the gallery can only show 3-4 percent of its collection at any one time due to space constraints.


Image source: nzcontemporary.com

It was decided that a new and bigger art gallery should be built to serve the public better. In July of 2004, Fjmt + Archimedia was appointed as architects to design the project. The design was done and accepted a year later and construction began in early 2008.

The plan includes earthquake proofing and heritage restoration of the 1887 and 1916 components of the main building with contemporary new additions that would increase exhibit space by at least fifty percent.

The new Auckland Art Gallery is set to open in mid 2011.

To see how it will look like, you can take a virtual tour of the new art gallery on their website.

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Spend Your Day at the Bastion Lookout

If you like a relaxing day and beautiful sweeping views of the ocean, then head on out to Bastion Point just off Tamaki Drive in the eastern suburbs of Auckland. It offers a wide view of the Hauraki Gulf and the Waitemata Harbour, as well as the Auckland CBD skyline.

Image sourceL dayout.co.nz

Image sourceL dayout.co.nz

An obelisk stands tall in the center of the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Gardens, dedicated to the prime minister of the 1930’s. The architecture of the place is designed to evoke that feeling of the cold post war era, having been built around the WWII lookout bunkers and gun emplacements that formed part of its structural design. A reflecting pool lies in the middle that silently bears witness to time and the people who glance its way, and to its sides are beautiful landscaped gardens.

It is best to head on out there in the afternoon to watch the sun slowly disappear on the horizon.

And after that refreshing sight, you can drop by at the Hammerheads Seafood Restaurant and Vue Bar, still along Tamaki Drive on your way back to the CBD. But be sure to book in advance especially on a weekend since it is one of Auckland’s multi-awarded restaurants. The building also used to be the historical Heritage Building of the Navy League of New Zealand before it was bought by restauranteur Denis Wiley and transformed into a very elegant fine dining restaurant.

Hammerheads Restaurant

Image Source: Hammerheads Restaurant

If the superb menu does not satisfy you, the view of the CBD skyline at night will. Now that is definitely a perfect way to end a perfect day.

19 Tamaki Drive, Okahu Bay, Auckland, Ph: 09 521 4400
Email: info@hammerheads.co.nz

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Hillary’s Axe at the Auckland Museum

Sir Edmund Hillary’s axe is on display at the Auckland Museum and it can be viewed for free. Yes, the same axe that he used to conquer the world’s tallest peak. And just a refresher, he was the first man to have ever scaled Mount Everest.

Hillary was born in Auckland on the 20th July 1919 and grew up in Tuakau, south of the city. His first major climb was at the age of 20 when he was able to reach the summit of Mount Ollivier near Mount Cook in the Southern Alps here in New Zealand.

At the age of 33, he joined a British team in its attempt to reach Mt. Everest’s summit in 1953. Partnering with Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa, they were able to reach the highest point on Earth at 29,028 feet. The crucial part of the attempt was the the 40-foot rock face later named the “Hillary Step” wherein Edmund saw a way to wedge himself between the crack in the wall and the ice and slowly crawl his way up, with the aid of his trusted axe.

Subsequent to Mt. Everest, Hillary also conquered ten other peaks in the Himalayas, and was part of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition to the South Pole in 1958.

Hillary died on 11 January 2008 of heart failure in Auckland.

Auckland Museum is located along the Domain Drive in Parnell (map), Auckland.

Image Source: Auckland Museum

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Karaoke Anyone?

Do you like the thought of singing in front of a crowd? Do you aspire to be big star someday? Well, this coming Tuesday may be your big break. There is an Open Mic night at the Snatch Bar along Ponsonby Road.

Snatch Bar is a unique retro bar with a 1950’s lounge style feel, it has a great relaxed feel and a very impressive cocktail list which can be enjoyed on the leather couches outside as you watch the world go by or inside in one of their intimate booths while you calm your nerves and practice your lines!

You don’t have to take anything for your performance, just your brave soul. Anyone is welcome to perform. And if you have what it takes to wow the crowd, then you get yourself free drinks for the night – bonus! Plus, if you are really that good, then you might win a big prize at the end of the night.


Image source: sxc.hu

This event is held every Tuesday night so there is plenty of time to work up the courage to step on the centre stage. And who knows, the next step you take might be on a bigger stage!

Snatch Bar is easy to find on Ponsonby Road, it is situated between Franklin Road and Collingwood Street – check it out!  Tel. (09) 361 6170

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Climp Up Mt Eden

When you are in Auckland it would be hard to miss that very prominent mountain right in the centre of the city!  Standing at 196 meters high, Mt Eden is Auckland’s tallest peak. But did you know that it is in fact a volcano that was formed more than 20,000 years ago? It is what you would call a monogenetic volcano, and that means it would be very unlikely that Mt. Eden will ever erupt again.


Image source: Geonet.org.nz

And with that in mind, I suggest you walk to the very top and be rewarded with a spectacular 360° view of the whole city and the Waitemata Harbour. There are walkways off Clive Road, Glenfell Place, Batger Place, Hillside Crescent, Rautangi Road and Owens Road. It is an upward climb, but you can always stop along the way to admire the native fauna, which include the karaka, whau and the puriri trees. There are also tables and water fountains along the way if you feel the need to recharge and replenish your liquids!

Alternatively, you can drive up to the peak. Vehicle entry is just off Mt. Eden Road. The Puhi Huia Rd (map) takes you around the mountain and up to the crater where there are parking slots. But be warned that on certain days it may get very crowded because of the many tourist buses that stop on this site.

I am not going to tell you what else you will see from the top. It is for you to discover. Let me just say that it will definitely be worth the trip.

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A Walk Through Auckland’s Waterfront

Are you looking for a leisurely walk that virtually costs nothing but is culturally enriching?  Auckland has the Waterfront Sculpture Walk that you can try.

Start at the Britomart transport centre where you will find art works by the architect Mario Madayag and artist Michael Parekowhai. Wander around the building and you will chance upon a forest of stainless steel trees with truncated limbs surrounded by a garden of real plants.

On the other side of Queen St at the Queen Elizabeth II Square, you will find the Te Ahi Kaa Roa sculpture representing tribal possession of lands and waterways by the Ngati Whatua ti Tamaki. This tribe has been the customary owners of the Auckland isthmus for several centuries and were the ones who established the city by inviting Governor Hobson to share the land with them in 1840.

Moving towards the harbour, you will reach Quay St where you will find the Maori Warrior, a sculpture by Molly Macalister. It was commissioned by Auckland City in 1964 and completed in 1967. The 3 meter tall statue is made out of bronze and is intended as a welcoming figure that greets visitors and new settlers to the city.

Turning left on Quay St and after a 5 minute walk, you will see a stainless steel artwork known as the Flight Trainer for Albatross. It is particularly significant for its message on conservation and protection of the marine environment and birdlife.

Moving on you will see an artwork made out of cast iron, water and granite created by an American artist named Eric Orr. It is named the Fire Window and represents the power of nature over human urban environments.

A good 10 minute walk further down the harbour and you will reach Cytoplasm, a very popular sculpture by Phil Price. It is made out of glass and composite skin with foam core and comprises of 16 discs that move with the wind.

If you continue further, you will reach the Raupo Rap, the last of the sculpture by the waterfront. It is by Denis O’Connor and created to resemble a large hook elevated on pillars. It represents the tool of choice traditionally used by dockyard workers in loading and unloading cargo on ships.

The whole walk is just a little more than a kilometer that you can take in 15 minutes, but I suggest you take it easy and admire the sculptures. It is well worth the time.

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Wagamama? Where?

Do you have that craving for some Wagamama food?  Well, if you have then you will be delighted to know that there are three locations to choose from when you get to Auckland. One is located at the corner of High St and Courthouse Ln in the CBD district, another is on Nuffield St in Newmarket and the last is along Mount Wellington Highway near Sylvia Park.


Image source: Wagamama.co.nz

For those who do not know, Wagamama is a ramen bar styled restaurant fashioned from those in Japan. It first opened its doors in London in 1992 and has grown and expanded into sixteen other countries since then.

Its main selling point is a combination of a simplistic concept, high quality yet inexpensive food served up in a sleek, minimalist canteen-style setting, with bench seats alongside an open-plan kitchen.

Your orders are taken on a handheld device that are electronically sent to the kitchen to be prepared immediately with the freshest ingredients.

Some of the mouth watering food items you must try are the gyoza (steamed then grilled dumplings), tempura style chilli fried squid, salmon ramen (noodles in a spiced miso soup with grilled salmon), and the teriyaki steak soba (grilled steak on a bed of teppan-fried noodles).

If you love vegetables, then do try the edamame, a lightly salted and steamed green soya bean dish that offers that unadulterated fresh taste.

There are other foods on the menu that I have not tried yet. So do not be surprised if you find me again in one of Wagamama’s restaurants in Auckland.

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Everyone Loves a Trip to the Market!

Because everyone loves a market here’s a few of the variety in and around Auckland.


The Devonport Craft Market

This market is generally held on the first Sunday of the month with the next one being Sunday 2nd August.  It runs from 10am – 2pm at Devonport Community House, (map) just a hop, skip and a jump from the Devonport Ferry Terminal.

The market has over 30 stalls selling a wide range of wares, a lot which are handmade so it is the perfect place to find that unique gift, you will also find many ‘vintage’ items, something for everyone.

The City Farmers Market

This fabulous market operates right in the heart of the Britomart (map) precinct bringing a range of regional produce to the ‘cityfolk’ of Auckland!  Fresh, seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, breads, olives….yumm!!  What also makes this market unique is that the vendors are only allowed to bring to market produce that they have grown, pickled, baked or farmed themselves within a defined local area, so its really supporting local businesses and gourmet delights!  The market operates year round every Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Karangahape Road Street Market

This market on infamous ‘K Road’ is held every Saturday from 9.30am to 3.00pm.  Every week is different and if you are seeking something out of the ordinary, or one of a kind…this is your market!  An example of what you could find ranges from books, music, arts & crafts to handmade leather items, lingerie, Maori carvings, Pacific crafts and gothic clothing!  Why don’t you head along and find out what else is on offer!

Victoria Park Market

One of Auckland’s historic landmarks (that even boasts a New Zealand ‘Walk of Fame’) this market has a wide range of shops and stalls to browse and is open 7 days from 9am – 5pm.  You will find arts and crafts, designer clothing, footwear, souvenirs and jewellery.  There is also a foodcourt and range of bars onsite to keep you fed and watered!

This is just a small snapshot of the markets around Auckland, check out Eventfinder for more details.  Let me know of any other markets you love or can recommend!

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Auckland CBD’s Urban Landscape

Auckland’s Central Business District (CBD) is built as a contemporary city.  Concrete, steel and glass dominate the landscape as neo-classic lines blend in with modern architecture. It is like any other metropolitan city but, unlike others, it is bound in a compact area that does not feel cramped.


Image source: Flickr.com

If you like the urban jungle scenery then the CBD has a lot to offer you. Start beside the picturesque harbour along Quay Street and you will find the Ferry Terminal Building (map), a beautiful Edwardian Baroque style building made out of sandstone and bricks.  It is strikingly located beside modern steel and concrete buildings.


Image source: Dayout.co.nz

Then not so far away is the remarkable Britomart Transport Centre. It used to be an old Edwardian style post office that was renovated in 2001 and opened in 2003 as Auckland’s public transport hub. The façade was left unchanged and skillfully restored to its glory days.


Image source: robgarrettcfa

But if it is modern architecture you are looking for, then Auckland has the iconic Sky Tower to offer. Towering above the CBD at 328 meters, it is not easily missed.  It opened in 1997 and since then has attracted an average of 500,000 visitors per year. This amazing engineering achievement is made out of reinforced steel and concrete.

These are but a few examples of what you can expect to see when you get to the Auckland CBD. I recommend that you take the time to explore and look up to admire and appreciate the different architectural design this bustling city has in store for you. I bet you will discover more!

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A New Novotel Hotel in Auckland

A NZ$65 million Novotel hotel will be put up near Auckland International Airport in time for the , Tainui Group Holdings and Auckland International Airport to develop and operate the world-class (4-star plus) 260 room hotel.


Image source: TVNZ

Novotel Auckland Airport would be designed by Warren & Mahoney Architects, with the final design to infuse subtle references to New Zealand culture and heritage.

This chain of hotels has been known for its commitment to sustainable development, ensuring staff and employees practice it daily.

So two years from now, you can add this hotel to the numerous choices of superb accommodation you can find in Auckland.

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Competition at D’Lish!


Image source: D'Lish

D’Lish is a gorgeous new site just launched this month by Andrea Wong (who also owns and manages Andrea Wong Design) and they have a great giveaway at the moment – read on to find out more!

Andrea is not, as you may expect, a chef or cook but a devoted ‘foodie’ who loves to try out new recipes and also to support local businesses and locally made products, she has created D’Lish as a forum for sharing anything to do with food – whether it be sharing a new recipe, thoughts on local cafes and restaurants or useful little ‘tidbits’ to use in your own gourmet delights!

Andrea’s cooking has not only a true Kiwi style but also Chinese and Italian influences so we are looking forward to seeing some of her recipes!


Image source: D'Lish

D’Lish are giving away a Double Pass to the Food Show in Auckland next week, all you have to do is visit D’Lish and leave a comment on the blog post on the most unusual thing you have eaten!  Easy peasy…I’m off to enter now – make sure you do to!

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Chinese in Auckland Given Recognition

A recent report commissioned by the Asia New Zealand Foundation and produced by Massey University researchers, Professor Paul Spoonley and Carina Mears, points out the benefit of the influx of Chinese immigrants to Auckland.

Aptly titled as ‘Chinese Businesses and the Transformation of Auckland’, it says that this ethnic group is an important source of business innovation and contribute to cultural and economic diversity.

The report is one of the items on the agenda for the Rising Dragon, Soaring Bananas conference at Auckland University recently, a popular and iconic cultural event that challenges perceptions of what it means to be Chinese and peels open the journeys, stories and identities of high profile Chinese personalities. 

The growing Chinese presence in Auckland is a reflection of an ever widening cultural diversity in the city as more and more nationalities make New Zealand and Auckland home.  Who knows, we may soon see a Chinatown in Auckland that rivals those to be found in San Francisco, New York and closer to home, Sydney.


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Image source: Flickr

Go on, you know you deserve it and even if you don’t…well why not!?  I thought that if you have followed our previous blog and ventured out on a day or two of full on shopping you may be in need of some pampering for those tired feet or just to make sure you look gorgeous in your new purchases!

Auckland City offers a wide array of beauty therapists, spa facilities and hairdressers – they range from expensive and decadent to affordable options which still provide excellent services.  Here we go….


 Chaun Spa – Langham Hotel

This relatively new spa has been designed to create an ambience of tranquillity and is based upon the principles of Yin and Yang and the five essential elements.  In English, the word Chuan means a serene course of water and the Chuan Spa facilities are modelled to reflect this harmony by using the principles of Feng Shui. The exclusive treatment facilities include herbal steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi, snail showers and an ice experience which alongside The Langham’s exceptional service, makes Chuan Spa the perfect place to rediscover your source.

You will find the Langham Hotel at 83 Symonds Street, Auckland, (map) Ph: (09) 300 2960

East Day Spa – SKYCITY Hotel

A haven of calm, where east meets west, a quiet blend of ancient holistic healing and modern spa therapies – mystical aromas and luxurious candle-lit interiors. East Day Spa is renowned for authentic Eastern holistic treatments.  The Spa also offers packages in conjunction with SKYCITY so check out the website for more details.  You can find the East Day Spa on the Ground Level in: SKYCITY Grand Hotel, 90 Federation Street, Auckland Central. (map)

Bliss Reflexology

Imagine a place where you have no choice but to puyour feet u and relax ( sounds good to me!).  Surrounded by soft music and gentle earthy colours your feet are placed in very warm water enhanced with aromatic herbs while someone massages your head, neck, shoulders and other pressure points – sounds devine doesn’t it!!   But that’s not all, after 15 minutes you are then laid back and tucked in with warm towels while someone begins massaging your feet….aahhh…. 

 Bliss are also currently offering a 2 for 1 deal on Pedicures and take group bookings.  They can be found on Elliot Street in Auckland City (map) and also have salons in Takapuna and Newmarket.  Ph: (09) 368 4698

Alongside these relaxing experiences there are also many retail stores where you can purchase your beauty products or luxuries, some of these are:

The Body Shop – stocks an extensive selection of their own natural products ranging from make-up to skin care to fragrances.  You can find The Body Shop at: 225 Queen Street, Auckland Central.

Lush Cosmetics – Lush makes beautiful products using only the freshest fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, an excellent place to buy gifts or indulgent gifts for yourself.  You can find Lush Cosmetics at: 189 Queen Street, Auckland Central.

World Beauty – An exciting new offering from the avantgarde brand World. Luxury skincare, haircare, perfumes, candles, European antiques and gifts. Vulcan Lane. Ph: (09) 377 0647

Farmers – a more affordable option for your cosmetic needs is the New Zealand department store, Farmers.  These can be found all over Auckland as well as the City, Farmers offers a huge range of health and beauty products. From fragrances, to skin care, to make-up and beauty electronics, Farmers has all of your health and beauty requirements covered. You can find Farmers at: 230 Queen Street, Auckland City Centre.

Check out AucklandNZ for more info and hope you enjoy the experience of a little pampering!

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