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San Francisco Loves You (For Cheap!)

If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area for Valentine’s Day….lucky you! There is plenty to do to celebrate the special day. Here is a list of some cheap ideas for a budget celebration:

1. One of my favorite events in San Francisco is the grand pillow fight at the Ferry Building every Valentine’s Day. Bring your own pillow and head down to the water for an explosion of feathers and fury. This is a free event but there are some rules:

• The fight begins promptly when the clock strikes 6:00 pm

• You must tell as many people as you can to come and join

• You mustn’t hit anyone that is not holding a pillow (very important!) and be careful of folks with cameras.

• Don’t be too serious… and HAVE FUN!!

2. If explosions of feathers and crowds is not really your style, don’t fret. Try joining in on the guided hike in the Presidio for a Valentine’s Day “Stroll through Time” on Lovers’ Lane. From 1 pm to 3pm, local artist and writer Jeannene Przylyski will tell the stories of the one-mile trail that happens to be the oldest footpath in the park, known as Lovers’ Lane.

3. If Valentine’s Day just isn’t the same without flowers, head to Urban Flowers on 18th Street. The family owned and operated store always offers a beautiful selection of discounted flowers. They have buckets of bouquets spilling out into the street. If you are needing to be really thrifty, spring for a $2.50 gardenia floating in the dish near the cash register.

4. If you would rather be surrounded by flowers for a whole afternoon, head to the
San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. For just $5.00, you are granted admission into the museum housing over 2,000 plant species.  This makes for a beautiful and fragrant outing.

5. Excellent food is San Francisco’s claim to fame, but on Valentine’s Day, reservations are hard to get. Instead, try making your own V-Day feast. But, make sure to stop by Terroir Natural Wine Merchant & Bar in SOMA. They will hook you up.

6. While you’re at it, I guess you may need to pick up some sweets too. Chocolate, cupcakes and the cutest candies I have ever seen can be found at Miette, in the equally charming Hayes Valley.

7. Yes, buying a card is a kind gesture. But making one is even better! Muster some creative courage for your special someone and head to Flax for an overwhelming selection of art supplies in red, pink and purple.

8. If you are interested in seeing a performance, check out the Red Poppy Art House between the Mission District and Potrero Hill for a performance of Tango La Melodia. This seven-piece ensemble includes guitars, accordion players, drums, vocals, and piano. Suggested donation is $15-20. The passionate tango show starts at 6:30 and again at 8:30.

9. If a Valentine’s Day Picnic is in order, the city is filled with Farmers Markets on the 14th. Head to the Ferry Building or Noe Vallery with your basket for some local treats.

10. Or, if you are not interested in the slightest and think that February 14th should just be another day of the week, head to Root Division, where the art and education space will support your anti-heart-day attitude. The gallery will host the Museum of Broken Relationships, and admission is free (although they would happily except a donation, if you have the heart).

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