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Boston — By Maria Olia on April 10, 2008 at 10:55 am

Five “Best of” Fish Restaurants

Don’t leave Boston without trying our lobster, clam chowder, oysters, and fried fish. And since Boston has dozens of seafood restaurants- and many more that feature menus that are fish-centric-, a little guidance is definitely in order.

More information on PlanetEye: James Hook & Company, Legal Sea Foods – Long Wharf, B & G Oysters, Jasper White’s Summer Shack, Great Bay

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If you are spending any time in downtown Boston this month you are sure to come across the giant blue circus tent staked out at Boston’s City Hall Plaza.   The Big Apple Circus is 30 years old and this year’s show; "Celebrate" is quite the birthday bash. There’s...
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Vibrant Afghan Cuisine: The Helmand

You’ve tried our "lobsta" and "chowda".  You’ve done Italian in the North End and Chinese in (where else?) Chinatown.  So, if you are looking for a new taste adventure in Boston, you may want to check out Afghan cuisine. Located just a couple of blocks from...
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Three Boston Stores Not-To-Be Missed

Thrifty, classic, and cutting edge -the stores below are uniquely Boston. More information on PlanetEye: Filene’s Basement, Shreve, Crump & Low, Newbury Comics No tags for this post.
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A French Beer Hall

  Brasserie JO is located in the Colonnade Hotel, but is most definitely not your typical hotel restaurant- the food is just too good.  The large dining room fronts busy Huntington Avenue in the Back Bay.  The crowd is chic, yet casual.  There is always a buzz here; especially...
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A Green Lifestyle Event

Boston has always had a reputation of being an eco-conscious city.  Boston residents practice environmentally friendly habits like using public transportation. Solar-powered compact trash cans dots the city. And many hotels and restaurants are US Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy...
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More Signs of Spring….

Last week hundreds of official Boston Marathon banners were hung up on lamp posts throughout the city to kick off this year’s Boston Marathon festivities. Legendary Bill Rodgers, a four-time Boston Marathon winner, unveiled this year’s banner at the Copley Square finish line. Serious runners...
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Three Overlooked and Underrated Boston Sites

Visitors to Boston are spoiled with choices for historical sites, cultural attractions,  and fun things to do. The following list of places may not be as well-known as Boston’s main attractions but step just a little off the Freedom Trail and you will enjoy discovering these Boston treasures. ...
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Dinner and Jazz

For a night out in the Boston, it doesn’t get any better than French bistro food and live jazz. Les Zygomates is located in Boston’s Leather District, the small nine-block area between Chinatown and South Station that is one of the city’s hippest downtown loft neighborhoods. Les Zygomates is French...
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Five Days of Free Museum Admissions

Yes, you can have fun on a budget in Boston.You can save a lot of money on admissions by timing your museum visit just right. Several of Boston’s best museums set aside a few hours each week for the public to come and visit for free.  More information on PlanetEye: The Museum of...
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Shear Madness=Shear Fun

Shear Madness is a comedy who-dunnit that plays at the Charles Playhouse in Boston’s Theatre District.  Shear Madness has been a staple of the Boston theatre scene since 1980 and a guaranteed fun night out. The Boston version is actually the longest running non-musical play...
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Family Fave: The New England Aquarium

When visitors enter the New England Aquarium, they are immediately drawn to the Aquarium’s showpiece attraction, the 4-story glass circular Giant Ocean Tank. GOT is pretty amazing- a recreated Caribbean coral reef that is  home to more than 100 different animal  species and more than...
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Ten Boston Icons: Old and New

Of course, Boston’s storied icons  (items 1-5) include classic colonial -era architecture and quaint landmarks. And you just got to love Boston’s modern icons (items 6-10); innovative design of buildings and grand public works projects, along with a very cool pop-culture sign. More...
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Cheap Eats: Galleria Umberto

Located on Hanover Street in the heart of Boston’s North End, Galleria Umberto is a pizza joint with a limited menu-and a huge following. You know that you have found a great local lunch spot when the line out the door is 30-deep and includes the mailman, servicemen from the nearby Navy Yard and...
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Boston Prix Fixe Bargains

Restaurant week is a delicious way for diners to try out restaurants without having to pay a lot.  Boston’s Winter Restaurant Week actually spans two weeks this year; March 9-March 14 and March 16-March 21. More than 150 of Boston’s best restaurants will offer three-course prix fixe...
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Boston’s Spring Delights

Winter doldrums be gone! Sometimes spring in Boston can be so subtle; that you have to find it wherever you can.  Here is a list of some only-in Boston signs of spring to look for in the coming weeks.   There is still snow on the ground, but dozens of improbably gorgeous display gardens and...
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24 Hour Late Night Dining in Boston

  It used to be that when looking for a little late night sustenance in Boston your choices were limited to a couple of diners, some Chinatown restaurants and a few cafes in the North End.       Miel at the Intercontinental Hotel is Boston’s only upscale 24/7 dining option....
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