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Rome — By theromeguide on December 10, 2007 at 3:24 pm

Touch This!

You’re walking around the Traian Market just off the Roman Forum, admiring all that surrounds you and imagine distant times and people. All of a sudden, you notice oval and smooth shapes scattered here and there that don’t quite fit. Don’t freak out just yet. Those egg-like sculptures are the work and talent of Japanese sculptor Kan Yasuda. His installations and sculptures using marble, granite and bronze are just begging to be touched, and you don’t have to worry here – it’s allowed!The exhibition easily shows how Kan Yasuda is able to design shapes which have no need for words. The works of art have been created by the artist in Carrara marble, bronze and black granite.
For a more leisurely and slightly more aristocratic, I would suggest visiting the Galleria Borghese, especially with its rich Canova exhibit 16 of the greatest marbles: the Three Graces from the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, the Naiade from the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Sleeping Ninfa from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Venere from the Leeds City Art Gallery, Love and Psiche Stanti from the Louvre, Paris. This is the first exhibit in Rome to ever host Canova masterpieces but one thing’s for sure: it will also be the first in which one of the worlds most celebrated sculptures – La Paolina – takes its rightful pride of place – as an unmoveable icon of the Galleria Borghese created by Canova after the sale to Napoleon by Prince Camillo Borghese.

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