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Rome — By theromeguide on February 11, 2008 at 9:26 am

Smells like Magnolia

The beauty of Campo de’ Fiori is celebrated all over the world, and Magnolia lies right inside this perfect frame filled with eternal beauty. This elegant and fashionable lounge bar with outdoor seating is open all day, everyday and is always packed with a cosmopolitan crowd who enjoys kicking back in a stylish yet minimal setting and cool drinks. Go for breakfast, lunch, aperitifs or cocktails: the scene is always happening. Tues: Open bar night, discount prices; Thurs: guest djs and themed nights; Fri and Sat: Magnolia Music Night with r’n’b, disco and lounge dj sets.

Opening hours: everyday from 9am to 2am

Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 4/5. Info: 0668309367, 0668219526

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Rest-Art is a 180 sqm sprawled on two levels. An innovative Swedish style and a young management turn this place into a smooth seducer: creamy and captivating. Dinner is rich in luscious international fare filled with vibrant and elegant flavors, all to be dowsed with selected wines from most Italian...
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Friends will be friends

Four different locations for one of the most fashionable spots, as voted by Rome’s“’it” people. For years now, Friends has become a focal point for aperitifs, after-dinner cocktails and quick midday meals. The via Piave one is targeted towards a more “business” clientele;...
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There’s good reason why Ombre Rosse is known as an historical pub in the heart of Trastevere: it’s the perfect combination of a cafè, wine bar and music club all put together in a relaxed and informal setting. Start the day with a cappuccino, drop by for a quick lunch, a lazy afternoon...
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Who knew you could get a little taste of the Tropics just steps away from the Pantheon? Habana is a quaint and warm place which will sweep you away with its heat and sound. When you step into the first room, try one of their very tropical cocktails (cuba libre, mojito, caipirinha to name a few), or try...
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Natural Art

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When the clock strikes 12, this place is packed with tourists and locals alike. Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep will cleans the mind and soul, but why sleep when you can go to a club called LA NUIT and forget all your worries and regrets with a few dance steps and some yummy cocktails?...
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Drinking Rome

If you’ve been walking around town all day and don’t feel like staying up too late, head over to Piazza Navona and wander the alleys behind it. On via dell’Anima lies a quaint place called BIBAMUS.This place is small but cozy and always packed with all sorts of people, locals and strangers...
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Get It While It’s Hot!

Ever heard of a government stating when stores could start their annual sales? Well, Rome ’s official ‘opening’ day was Saturday, January 5th. And open they all were! Ignoring the pouring rains, Romans and suburb dwellers filled the narrow shopping streets of the Eternal City, in hopes...
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Hippos in the Street

There’s a new entry right on historic Via Giulia: it’s Hippopotamus and it’s old school class all the way. Black chesterfield couches, red walls and courteous service can be seen throughout the three connecting rooms. The first one is the restaurant (open till 11:30pm), the second one...
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Fairy Tales in Rome

A well-renowned Irish pub in the Prati neighbourhood, Fairy Tales is an eclectic watering hole with definite Irish flair. Gabriele, who, together with Andrea, has recently become manager of this place tells us the best Guinesss is served right here. But there’s no clan mentality here: Fairy Tales...
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Cool Art

On Via del Babuino lies a gallery belonging to the Contemporary Art Society. This space hosts a variety of exhibits, events and inaugurations for the latest in the latest of all designers and artists. Until the 4th of January, Dzine a Chicago artist has experienced an evolution from graffiti in Latin...
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The Best Club in Town

For some, Goa Club’s long-running success is a mystery, while others could give you an infinite list of why this club is always jam-packed with people (even though entry fee is steep), hosts world-renowned dj’s and people rave about their Goa nights for days. A “few” years running,...
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Before you go, read this!

Open since 2003 and recently revamped in style and menu, this restaurant is one of the few concept restaurants in town. Elegantly decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphics and large wall reliefs, Before takes you back in time, into a world filled with scents and flavors. The menu is divided into different...
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Russians in Rome

Maybe you’re travelling on a budget or lucky you, your parents just gave you a whole wad of money to spend in Europe! If you’re on a budget, quickly befriend someone rich and if you already have the mullah, head over to the Zar Club where caviar and champagne await. The Club was founded by...
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