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A party to present and launch a new label in the italian andeuropean electronica scene.
7 oz. Records was founded with a clear vision to spread electronic culture (and not just dance oriented) within the old continent and throughout the world. This choice expresses the wish to renew and promote ecclecticism and passion within a music business which is steadily running dry.
The first record produced by 7 oz was just released: ALEXANDER STONE and his ’Ready to Change Ep’. This producer, who recently moved to Berlin, has already established himself on prestigious labels such as Persona Rec and Minisketch.
The next Ep’s to be released will be produced by the 7 Oz duo (summer 2008) and by LORY D (October 2008), marking a long-awaited return for the world-renowned Roman dj on an italian label.
Don’t underestimate the visual sides of the label, created by photographer Valerio Mezzanotti (_http://valer.io), who now divides his time between Paris and New York while shooting for the New York Times, Le Figaro, The Guardian, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and many more…
The evenings’ line up will see Alexander Stone (live set), PHOOKA (live set), 7Oz (deck’n’fx) and surprise guest djs.
For this official party, the location is one of the city’s most underground clubs which has presented a constant and strong electronica music scene this past season…

              Friday May 23rd @ Neo Club Via degli Argonauti (Ostiense)

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