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Tollwood Summer Festival Starts on Thursday!

This Thursday marks the begining of the Tollwood Summer Festival. Since 1988, Munich summers have been graced by the warm weathered counter part of the Tollwood festivals.  From June 18th to July 12th, the Olympia Park will play host to hundreds of musicians, artists, performers and kiosks selling everything from organic hemp shirts to schnitzel. You can enjoy the festival for free! Or, if you would like to see any of the many fantastic entertainers, check out the Music-Arena List for more information. Special guests include the Kaiser Chiefs, Lauryn Hill, The Boss Hoss and many more!

Looking for a play or acrobatic act? The Theater List provides information on the many performances that will be shown throughout the festival. If you’re rather spend your time in the action, check out the Tanz Bar (Dance Bar), where you can shake your money maker to music from all over the world. Swing? Salsa? It’s all there, just pick one and go!

Of course there are also kid and teen friendly activities, as kids have their own tents and events to go to. This year’s focus is health and how to have a healthy summer, so kids will have the opportunity to learn about nutrition, sports and even how to prepare their own food. Parents, take advantage!

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A Weekend in Munich with Kandinsky

When the weather is cold, you don’t want to do too much outside. So what are some activities that you can take part in this weekend? I would highly suggest stopping by the Lenbachhaus to take in an afternoon of Kandinsky. Born in Moscow, Wassily Kandinsky first entered the University of Moscow...
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Hash House Harriers for Runners in Munich

If you’re a runner, whether serious or not, going on vacation can screw up your rythym and running schedule. So, in comes Munich’s Hash House Harriers. Focused on running, but also having fun, all are welcome and your first run is free. The run lasts for about an hour, with stops in between...
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Sneak Preview at Cinema München

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Where to find your Fasching Costume

If you’re going to partake in the Fasching festivities there is only one rule: You must come in costume! There are plenty of places to find a costume that is right for you. Try the Halloween Gore Store, there they have your typical “costume in a plastic bag” ranging in price from 20-50€....
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Dance your Valentine’s Day Away

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end after dinner. You and your special honey can dance (or drink) the night away at one of Munich’s many bars and clubs. Sugar Nightclub is holding a special Valentine’s Day evening where love is the theme and red is its color. Everything from the...
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Valentine’s Day at Munich’s Zoo

Munich’s Zoo, Tierpark Hellabrunn, will be all loved up for Valentine’s Day. Starting at 10.00am, you and your special sweetie can enjoy a breakfast buffet at the Zoo’s restaurant. The theme for the day is “The Love Life of Animals”, which will include presentations, decoration...
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Valentine’s Day in Munich: Breakfast