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Barcelona — By thebarcelonaguide on December 1, 2009 at 6:44 am
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What NOT to Do in Barcelona: 5 Tips

In travel writing and guides we are used to reading long lists and reports of what we ‘must see’ and should experience. Today I want to share with you what you should avoid doing and seeing in my adopted city

Irish Pub in Barcelona. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Irish Pub in Barcelona. By Regina Winkle-Bryan


Number 1:

No Rambla. Okay, maybe a little Rambla, but then stay clear of it. Las Ramblas runs from Plaza Cataluna to the sea, and it is an embarrassment for many locals. It is a tourist trap teeming with pickpockets. Under no circumstances should you eat on Las Ramblas.

Number 2:

Don’t ask for butter or a doggy bag. People don’t usually  left overs home. In my four years here I’ve only seen it done once. Eat what you can, leave the rest. Also no on butter. It is not served, however, the olive oil will be flowing so you can use that instead.

Number 3:

Don’t avoid speaking in Spanish. Some people think that if your Spanish is not so hot, then why even try? Even if it is only a few words try to use your Spanish when you can. At least Gracias and Adios. An effort is always appreciated.

Number 4:

Don’t wear your camera like a lei. Yes, you may be a tourist, but that doesn’t mean you have to also make yourself a target. If you’re not snapping photos, put the camera away.

Number 5:

No Starbucks, KFC, or Irish Pubs! You’re in Spain so live it up and tour the many fine eateries in the city. Coffee? Barcelona has cute cafes serving strong espresso drinks on every corner which are a lot cheaper than Starbucks. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people on vacation in Barcelona opting to spend their time in Irish Pubs like they have at home. WHy travel if when abroad you go the same places you would in Dublin? Barcelona has many local restaurants and bars – choose something Spanish (or Catalan).

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