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Venetian Sagra Season 2009: The First 6 Local Festivities & Food

It’s September, the summer has finally wound down, people are back from their month long vacations and slowly going back to work. The weather has finally broke as well as the humidity making the evenings cool and enjoyable…so what to do? If you’re like me, sitting around the whole month of August in the sweltering heat can make enjoyable temperatures a little overwhelming because of the endless possibilities. Fortunately, the season brings with it not only cooler temperatures, but...
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Historical Regatta: Race Up The Grand Canal

Historical Regatta For those of you who are faithful readers, you’ll know that there have been several regattas throughout the year that I have written about. All of them have been nothing but a prelude and some hearty practice leading up to the mother of them all…the Regatta Storica (Historical Regatta). The Regatta Storica is the main event in the annual Voga alla Veneta, and for all means, should be. This massive regatta up the Grand Canal dates back hundreds of years and was the crowning...
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Italian Gelato: Beat The Heat

August in Italy is pretty brutal temperature wise. The island of Venice is probably one of the worst places you can be. With temperatures nearing 100 degrees and humidity to match, without any breeze it will do a number on almost everybody. But there is a way that you can help battle this terrible situation, it’s a simple as ordering a medium cup of your favorite flavor from one of the thousands of gelato stands in the city. Italian gelato is a treat, there’s not disputing that. It’s...
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Traditional Regatta of Pellestrina

The Venetians take their sailing seriously, afterall it was a serious navy and strength in the Adriatic and Mediterranean for hundreds of years. But the competition goes far beyond the navy sailors, the locals of Venice also felt that they were the best at the helm and because of this, Venice celebrates many regattas a year.  On Sunday August 2nd, The Traditional Regatta of Pellestrina will be held on the island of Pellestrina. This particular regatta is probably one of the most important of the...
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Historic Palio Competition & Medieval Feast

If you’re familiar with the Palio competition in Italy, then you’re probably familiar with the annual competition in Sienna…which is probably Italy’s most famous. But this event also happens in other towns and villages as well and at the end of this month, next weekend in fact, there will be one in Noale near Venice. For those of you who are not familiar with Palio it’s a horse race that dates back to medieval times when the most influential families of the city raced...
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