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Buy just one chapter of a Lonely Planet travel guide book

Lonely Planet has long been one of the most definitive and personal guides for travelers heading out into the wild – well, and civilized places too. Their books are great, but how often do you read an entire travel guide book cover to cover? Not too often I’d wager.

You don’t have to buy the whole darn book – not if you choose Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet offers many of their travel guides by the chapter vs. the entire book.

The chapters are available via Pick & Mix digital files you can download and print (ahem on recycled paper), or you can say paper be damned and send the chapters right to your favorite hand-held device that can view PDFs.

As shown above tons of places are featured in chapter form with new and upcoming titles also in the mix. It’s also super easy – say you want to head to California (but not the whole state). Go to the North America Pick & Mix choice, click on California from the drop down menu, then browse through and choose your chapters. Lonely Planet offers some free downloads such as the Table of Contents (PDF), Getting Started (PDF) and Index (PDF). Sample that you can buy include North Coast $3.00; Sierra Nevada $4.20; Central Coast $4.20; Los Angeles $5.40, and more.

The price of each chapter download is determined by the price of the book it comes from, and the length of the chapter. I.e. a long chapters will cost you more than a short one. However most chapters fall within the US $2-5 range which is a bargain anyway you look at it, and think of all the trees you’ll be saving! If you buy 3 or 4 chapters you can save 25% too. Buy 5 or more save a minimum of 45%.

Saving money, saving trees, saving space in your luggage – seriously, does it get any greener or better? Nope. Check out the chapters available for purchase at Lonely Planet.

[image via Lonely Planet]

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