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See the Fall Colors of Northern Italy, & Eat Something Too

The fall in Italy offers countless local celebrations, there are sagras for wine, sagras for salami, even a sagra for bigoli pasta. But if something more refined is your cup of tea, then in the hills surrounding Treviso you’ll find a quiet little place up on a hill where even the traffic noise from the single solitary street dissappears into the hillside. Ristorante al Roccolo is, for a lack of better terms, an agriturismo, which simply means that everything they prepare is grown on the property....
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I’ve Been Offended: Some Etiquette Rules For Italian Dining

Food. The essential heart of any Italian. Although Italy has exported their cuisine throughout the world, much like America has exported McDonald’s, no Italian would ever shy away from being Italian when you mention your favorite pizza place. But when you talk about cuisine you do get some strange looks. Much of Italy still thinks of itself as individual sections, the Veneto cuisine is known only in the northeast and nobody makes a pizza like the people from Napoli. Still, they all view their...
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Ristorante Corte dell’ Orso: Pizzeria & Bar

Hidden gems are becoming more and more difficult to find in Venice, but nevertheless, if you look hard enough you’ll find something that is practically under your nose…if you let your nose guide you in the first place. Tucked quietly away in a small corner near Campo San Bartolomeo (near Rialto Bridge), you can find a very quiet looking and characteristic restaurant called Corte dell’ Orso. This spacious restaurant is made up of two floors and has a large bar that is filled with...
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