Teatro Catalinas Sur – A Unique Theater Experience

Teatro Catalinas Sur – A Unique Theater Experience
... Sur, at El Galpón de Catalinas. Located right in the heart of the barrio de La Boca, a typical port area where working-class Italian immigrants traditionally came to live in the early 1900’s, El Grupo de Teatro Catalinas is a community theatre with a clear political orientation. They present various professional productions featuring entertaining epics of Argentina´s history. The idea of El Grupo de Teatro Catalinas Sur came to life during a neighborhood barbeque held by a school’s...
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Mushroom Festival Near Treviso: Get Your Funk-us On!

... at 6:00am – there will be a bird show and falcon exhibition, the food stands are open all day. September 28th at 8:00am – begins the traditional market, at 2:00pm will be the parade of grapes, the wine and food stands are open all day. September 29th at 11:00pm – will be the closing of the festival with a Japanese fireworks display! There is a complete list of daily activities and exhibitions that can be found HERE as well as some contact information and phone numbers. I’m...
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The Ritual of Mate

... you to have a mate, don’t turn it down! Mate is a very popular type of tea everyone drinks all the time, everywhere. But it is more than just a traditional drink, it is a ritual in Argentina. Here is a short overview that explains the matter: herbs called yerba mate (which come from a tree that grows throughout the Mesopotamia region of Argentina) are placed in a small container (made out of wood or metal or sometimes a hollowed-out gourd) called mate. Hot water is poured into the mate. Then...
June 22nd, 2009 | Pablo Juan Augustinowicz | Read More | Comments: 3
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Celebrate Munich’s 851st Birthday Weekend!

... parade down Leopoldstraße to Odeonsplatz, villages from all around the city, as well as city cultural organizations will be decked out in their traditional costume for a day of performances, parades, sausages, shopping, beer and dancing. Travel Tip: I can imagine that it will be very difficult to navigate around the Marienplatz or Odeonsplatz train stations, as they’ll be packed with visitors. So I would suggest to either get off 1 stop away from your destination and just walk there. It’ll...
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