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Green Product Review: OrigAudio Recycled Travel Speakers

Yesterday we took a look at the basic specs of some recycled travel speakers from OrigAudio along with the eco-perks and travel perks. Now let’s take a look at what I thought of these speakers.

  • I like the materials and packaging which is mostly recycled. The outer packaging and box that the speakers come in are totally recycled and recyclable.
  • I love the design styles which are colorful and unique without being obnoxious and think that most people would have loads of fun creating their own style for a company promo or personal use. I also like that they offer a canvas style – you could draw or write what you like on it.
  • I like the travel ease. These really do fold up tiny. They’d fit in any and I do mean ANY style of luggage or bag.
  • They seem like they’d be flimsy to put together, but they actually fold up well and when I unfolded and refolded them a few time they stayed in good shape.
  • I don’t like that you can’t stack them or sit them flat (as shown in the picture below) without some sort of modification (i.e. maybe tape?). Because you fold them up the speakers don’t really sit flat on their bottom; they tilt a bit. BUT they don’t tilt so much you can’t use them.


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