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South Florida — By klynch on September 29, 2009 at 11:30 am

Gourmet Food, Chocolate and Wine Pairing at L’Hermitage Gourmet Emporium

The only thing better about eating great food, is eating it with people who are as obsessed with it as I am. Ooh, and last night was one of those nights. The snap, flash, tweet when every food item came out would probably make some non-foodies cringe, but we were loving every moment of it last night at our most recent TasteCasting event. TasteCasting? You might wonder what this could be, but it’s a phenomenal group of foodies (who are well connected via social media) who restaurants looking for added promotion invite into their restaurant or culinary establishment to do a tasting and we do our thing.

Lobster and Mango Mousse in a Tortilla Crisp

Lobster and Mango Mousse in a Tortilla Crisp

The destination last night was L’Hermitage Catering and Gourmet Emporium. Marci Boland, Executive Chef and owner of L’Hermitage and Christine Najac of Really Good Cookies gave us a taste of their treasure in Fort Lauderdale, and we experienced a sinful, yet oh so delicious night out filled with everything from Lobster and Mango Mousse in a Tortilla Crisp to the rich and decadent Really Good Cookies original chocolate chip cookies layered with caramel, chocolate and topped with walnuts. This gave us a taste of their wine tasting events that occur every other Tuesday evening at L’Hermitage.

The events take place from 6:30 – 8:30 pm and cost only $20 – that’s food and wine included. Judging from last night, they fed us well – too well. The next class takes place tonight, September 29 (short notice here), but if you do have a night free, I’d be running there and here’s the menu:

Really Good Cookies

Really Good Cookies

Wines to be served include: Layer Cake (Malbec, Shiraz, Primitivo), Yolumbo Chardonnay and Giesen Sauvignon Blanc.

For the food, there will be an international cheese, crack and fruit display, almond crusted chicken skewers, thai dumplings, and spicy Mediterranean pasta. In addition, you will have your chocolate craving satisfied as Christine brings out her decadent selection of chocolate cookies and brownies, and trust me, you won’t be able to have just one – try the original chocolate chip cookie and the brownie for sure.

Future classes will take place on:

  • October 13: Green Entertaining and Organic Wines
  • October 27: Ooh la la! The magnificent world of French wines.
  • November 10: Let’s wine around the world. Come with us as we go on a wine lover’s journey to places and palates unknown.
  • November 17: Party in a pinch. Learn how to plan and pull off a party in no time.

L’Hermitage Catering and Gourmet Emporium is located at 3045 North Federal Highway #38 in Fort Lauderdale. (954) 568-2383

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Seattle — By Mary Jo Manzanares on August 1, 2009 at 6:27 pm

TasteCasting: Calling All Seattle Area Food Lovers

Do you love food?  Do you like trying new restaurants, bars, bakeries, and beverages?  Are you the one that’s always recommending a new restaurant that you’ve heard about, or forwarding a review that you’ve found onto your pals?  Do you twitter about restaurants?  Talk about great places you’ve been on Facebook?  Are you the go-to food person in your group?

Cuban-style burger dinner TasteCasting, a group of socially networked people who also love food, is forming a team here in Seattle, and if that paragraph above describes you, then you’ll want to check it out.

Here’s how it works:   Restaurants, bars, diners, bakeries, or any other food and beverage establishment, invite TasteCasting members to attend a tasting at their venue.  It may be a way to research new menu items, it may be to showcase a new chef, or it may be a way to juice up business and get people in the door.  Whatever the reason, you are invited to be a part of it.

What is expected of attendees:  In return for a free tasting, we want you to constructive feedback and suggestions with your host, as well as broadcast your experienced to your friends and follows via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, a blog post, or any of publication or social media where you are active.  You can share everything from the food specific (ingredients, tastes, menu) to the overall impressions (ambiance, venue, service, overall experience, etc).

You don’t have to be a food writer to join in.  We are looking for socially media savvy people from diverse backgrounds and fields.  The common denominator is that you need to be active in social media, that you enjoy food, and that you are willing to share your experiences.

TasteCasting teams are in place in other cities around the country, including Denver, Cincinnati, Aspen, Tampa, Dallas, Tucson, and Pittsburgh.  Additional teams are in the formation stages.

I invite you to check out the TasteCasting website to find out a little more about the organization.  If you’re interested, I’m involved with the formation of the Seattle team, so please send me an email expressing your interest or reach me via Twitter at @flyawaycafe.

Photo credit: Phil Romans @flickr

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South Florida — By klynch on July 22, 2009 at 9:45 am

Calling All Foodies

Creme Brulee at Cero Restaurant from personal collection.

Creme Brulee at Cero Restaurant from personal collection.

Are you a foodie? Are you interconnected (through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and love sharing your foodie experiences with others? I want to talk to you. I just got off a conference call with the people from TasteCasting. Have you heard of it? Well, its created quite the buzz all over the country and it is about to land in South Florida.

What is it?

TasteCasting is a growing group of socially networked, and media saavy people that establishments invite in to attend a tasting. While they are there, the TasteCasting teams broadcast their experiences to their large group of friends and followers using Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and more. All these tools help the team tell a complete story about the restaurant, the menu, the tastes, ambiance, ingredients and the overall experience when going to the restaurant.

La Goulue from personal collection

La Goulue from personal collection

The Purpose

TasteCasting helps businesses grow through the help of the TasteCasting team. Whether the establishment wants to build awareness, announce grand openings, introduce new menu items or a new chef or just encourage people to walk through the door, this influential team will help spread the word. Imagine many of the local food and restaurant bloggers teaming up together to help spread the word. Its pretty powerful.

Teams already exist in many cities around the country (Denver, Cincinnati, Aspen, Tampa, Dallas, Tuscon and Pittsburgh) and its about time a team formed in Florida.

Right now, I am looking to connect with all the food bloggers in South Florida who might be interested in forming a team, and maybe even discover some that I don’t know about. Check out their site for more information.

Interested? Send me an email and let’s get this started.

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