Celebrate International Sushi Day with Free Sushi at RA

Celebrate International Sushi Day with Free Sushi at RA
The countdown is on until International sushi Day. Where do you go to get your fix? While it one of those holidays created … just because, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate. Heck, it’s all in a goal to get people to eat more sushi. So whether you always go for that staple California roll, or you’d rather awaken your taste buds and try something a bit more exotic, schedule some time to eat sushi on Friday, June 18. To make that a little easier, RA sushi...
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Yamashiro Restaurant Review

Yamashiro Restaurant Review
... a presentation, accompanied by excellent service, that exudes a refined and classy dining experience. Familiar menu items include your choice of sushi such as unagi (eel), uni (urchin), or tamago (egg omelet) served to your preference, but their  specialty is unique Asian Fusion entrees like American Wagyu steak with Himalayan salt plate and Korean-style braised beef short ribs.  Yamashiro’s features Japanese beverages from teas to hot and chilled sake that can be flavored with the Asian...
May 6th, 2010 | Joannaline C. Young | Read More | Comments: 1
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Relax at the Oishii Sushi

Relax at the Oishii Sushi
... English Bay and tried to make up our mind where to go out of the dozens of ethnic restaurants along that street.  Finally we opted on the Oishii sushi Japanese Restaurant,  a quiet nook on the otherwise busy area. It’s a cozy retreat, and a good place to relax and enjoy a chat over a steaming bowl of miso soup and a cup of green tea.   There weren’t many customers there at that time of the afternoon so we just took our time, browsed through the many items listed on the menu, sipped...
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Super Fusion Brookline: Satisfy Your Sushi Craving Without Going Broke

Super Fusion Brookline: Satisfy Your Sushi Craving Without Going Broke
Despite the hokey name, “Super Fusion”  is  one of the Boston area’s most popular sushi spots for value-priced, remarkably fresh sushi and tweaked Asian specialties.This tiny storefront has only 4 tables and another 4 seats at the sushi bar, so it is not the place for intimate dining, but Super Fusion’s legions of regulars don’t seem to mind the no-frills surrounds.   You will be given a laminated menu and a  dry-erase marker to make your choices. There are dozens...
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Happy Hour of the Week

For great sushi and a fun atmosphere for co-workers and friends, Ra sushi has five locations throughout the Valley and one location in Tucson that offers great Happy Hour deals. Happy Hour food and drink specials are Monday through Saturday 3-7 pm. Specials include ½ off on selected sushi, ½ off on selected appetizers and drink specials. Each location may offer a different deal so contact them first to clarify. Ra sushi Locations: North Scottsdale – Kierland Commons South Scottsdale – on Scottsdale...
September 10th, 2009 | Heather Wright Schlichting | Read More | Comments: 0
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A Little Taste of Paradise

... Hawaii. Today there are over 34 locations around the world – two in Arizona. Sunrise at Haleakala As a group of six, we all enjoyed various sushi appetizers.  I shared the Sunrise at Haleakala, a tempura roll made of tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado and asparagus.  My husband liked the name and I liked the salmon.  Our friends enjoyed the Yellow Fin Ahi Poke with Wasabi Crème Fraîche, Inamona Jus and Lomi Tomatoes. For an entrée, I recommend the Butterfish.  It melts in your mouth!  To try...
August 18th, 2009 | Heather Wright Schlichting | Read More | Comments: 3
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Happy Hour at Kierland Commons

... of Wine The Greene House On Tuesdays 50% Off All Bottles of Wine – including Reserves Here are additional Summer specials at Fox Restaurants RA sushi Bar & Restaurant at Kierland Commons features a Happy Hour menu of reduced to half-off the regular menu prices from Monday through Saturday, 3pm – 7pm. Enjoy RA’s California rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, edamame, lobster spring rolls, crab cakes, calamari, and much more. Drink specials range from $1 to $5 and include Bud Light, Sapporo, and...
August 4th, 2009 | Heather Wright Schlichting | Read More | Comments: 0
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Best spot for a bargain pizza-fest

... has to be Estacao Republica, at Rua do Catete 104 (map). A superior pay-by-weight place offering over 60 dishes – from barbequed meats to sushi and salads – this place began offering its bargain rodizio de pizza e crepes in 2008 to mark its anniversary. For under R$14, diners can eat their fill of over 30 types of stone-baked pizza and over 20 types of crepes, with smartly-attired waiters bringing the food to your table until you can eat no more. Feel free to say no if you’re feeling...
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Review: Midori – Japanese Food in Great Style at Sintra

... and chick atmosphere is half the fun. On the first floor, the first Japanese restaurant in Lisbon (from 1993) is still attracting Portuguese sushi addicts. And although I suspected it would be too expensive for Lisbon wallets, the fact is that I came across a few acquaintances. The decoration is somewhat simple to what you may be expecting, if you’re used to the new trendy and design sushi houses. Here, the traditional oriental look combines with the views out the huge windows, into Sintra mountains....
July 22nd, 2009 | Alexandre Kühl Oliveira | Read More | Comments: 0
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Sansei Sushi

The Big Island has the newest of the four Sansei sushi restaurants in Hawaii. As with most sushi restaurants, prices are not cheap. However, the food is delicious and the staff is very efficient and friendly. If you only go for one thing you must try the panko crusted Ahi Sashimi sushi Roll. This is Hawaiian Ahi Tuna, wrapped in spinach and arugula leaves dipped in potato flakes and flash fried. I have to admit I have ordered this at least half a dozen times since the restaurant opened. They have...
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Sushi and samba in Lapa

... more sophisticated than the burgers and barbequed meats available from the abundant street stalls. Lapamaki, the district’s first Japanese/sushi restaurant, is keeping its doors open until well into the small hours at weekends to cater to the hordes of hungry partiers. While Lapa is renowned for its samba clubs, bars selling traditional Brazilian dishes and the cocktails and street snacks of the (in)famous street parties, until now it’s lacked any real options for those who like their...
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A Culinary Journey through Asia: The Azia restaurant and sushi bar

... the Star Trek crew, my friend and Iwent on a culinary journey through Asia,  just around the corner from the theatre, to the Asia Restaurant and sushi Bar on Smithe St. The decor is artful and restful with a comfortable seating arrangement for a pleasant dining room atmosphere.  The menu is an eclectic choice of Asian cuisine prepared by celebrated chefs with various Asian backgrounds: Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Thai. The pretty Asian servers make you feel welcome and pour your tea or ladle...
May 15th, 2009 | thevancouverguide | Read More | Comments: 0
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Non-Bar is a real bar

... 240-500 rubles, with risotto with white mushrooms for 240 and a ram’s leg stewed in dense meat sauce. Fresh juices and other drinks as well as sushi are available in great amount. Can’t say the same about beer, they have only four different sorts. How it is inside: http://www.nebar.ru/index_day.php?razdel=gall Nebar, Liteiniy prospect, 57. And on the map. What happens there at nights I do not know. Guess, there is a lot of dance and, of course, fun.  Tell me if you happen to get known. ...
May 4th, 2009 | Ivan Stupachenko | Read More | Comments: 1
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Good sushi bar in the center

... for the popularity may be the fact that its menu is rather extensive, prices are affordable and the service was at a good level. The main dish is sushi, with prices 80 rubles for a piece with a squid, 90 for a flying fish roe, 90 for octopus. Sashimi go for 150\260 for salmon depending on a number of pieces. Baked sushi is at 95 rubles. Main course. Salmon filet under coat of salmon caviar and creamylemon juice costs 399 rubles, shish kebab of salmon and trout at 449, fried pork with vegetables...
April 19th, 2009 | Ivan Stupachenko | Read More | Comments: 0
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Romance at Romeo and Juliette Bar y Restaurant

... me, and on that list was Bar/Restaurant Romeo y Juliette. On Thursdays at Romeo y Juliette it’s Asian Night and the Chef tempts diners with sushi and other exotic gourmet treats. While some would shy away from sushi on the first day because of chopstick problems, I say go for it! sushi can be messy, but it can also be an ice breaker (dinner is about €25 p/p). On the other side of the spectrum, if you don’t have a date you still may want to head over to Romeo y Juliette on either...
April 4th, 2009 | thebarcelonaguide | Read More | Comments: 0
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The Kamei Royal for Sushi, Charm and maybe some Karaoke

... our meal with savory miso soup served in laquered bowls.  There’s lot’s of dishes on the menu for just $4.95 and up, a wide variety of sushis, robata, seafood and tempura.  You can order single portions or a la carte.  We chose a variety of their sushi platters to share: Mango Paradise ($12.95), a crab, avodcado dish with smoked salmon and fresh mango, Mega Dynamite, lobster tail tempura with avocado and kaiware ($12.50) and a Rapture Roll:  prawn tempura, cucumber and avocado with...
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Sushi in London

sushi is no longer strange to London. Raw fish might not be a core dish of British cuisine – unlike, say, the roast beef of Old England, or Chicken Tikka Masala – but it’s become a staple of London life. Even Marks & Sparks and Tesco’s now offer sushi alongside other lunchtime eats. Still, to get the best sushi you’ll want to look around. Tesco’s definitely isn’t (how tuna mayo can ever be described as sushi I will never know). And in fact, to get the...
February 27th, 2009 | Andrea Kirkby | Read More | Comments: 0
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BAY sushi CAFE 678 Seymour St. (at Georgia) 604-806-0363 Looking for a good place to eat lunch when you’re downtown?  Try the Bay sushi Cafe on Seymour St.  They have an extensive menu posted on the wall to choose from at budget prices.  And the service is prompt and efficient. The pleasant young Japanese staff give the place an up-beat feeling and although it’s crowded during the noon-hour and early afternoon, it’s fun to sit and people-watch while you enjoy a savoury sushi or bento box...
February 4th, 2009 | thevancouverguide | Read More | Comments: 0
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