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Kimpton Hotel EarthCare Program

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, LLC, operates one-of-a-kind hotels in major destinations across North America AND their EarthCare program makes it way to know that you’re choosing a greener stay, no matter which Kimpton Hotel you choose.

Each Kimpton hotel is centrally located in a vibrant downtown neighborhood, in cities across America such as Portland, Aspen, Seattle, NYC, L.A., Salt Lake City, Denver, and more. The hotels differ in style, decor, and features, but all follow the same signature Kimpton EarthCare Program.

According to Kimpton it takes a lot of work to stay green and to keep on growing their green practices…

It takes continuous research and operations agility to keep introducing new eco-friendly products and practices into our way of doing business. Planning, implementing and sustaining system-wide change requires tremendous stamina from our managers and 100% commitment from all our employees… 18% of our first-time guests stay in Kimpton Hotels and eat in our restaurants because they’re in tune with our eco-consciousness.

Kimpton has actually taken their green efforts to amazing heights with a huge list of small practices each hotel follows – BUT those small steps add up to a super green stay for guests.

Features of the Kimpton EarthCare Program include:

  • Company, hotel and restaurant collateral printed on post-consumer recycled content paper with soy based inks.
  • Hotel key cards made with eco-friendly material (30% post consumer recycled plastic)
  • All new fitness floors made with recycled rubber
  • Certified towels and linens through Oeko-Tex 100 Standard
  • EarthCare educational and training video for back of house staff (designed increase effectiveness in all areas, from recycling to following towel/linen reuse policy)
  • All hotel in-room materials and bills are printed on recycled post consumer copy paper (EPA minimum or greater)
  • Phone book “by-request” policy implemented, eliminating phone books from all guest rooms
  • Check out envelopes offered by request only
  • Implementation of water-efficient shower heads, water-efficient faucets, and water-efficient toilets.
  • Implementation of energy efficient T8 and/or T5 fluorescent lighting in back of house areas, motion sensors in low occupancy storage areas, and LED lights on all exit signs.
  • Hallway lighting 100% energy efficient lighting
  • In-room recycling bins (First boutique hotel group to include these bins)
  • Hotel-wide recycling of cardboard, paper, glass, cans and plastic (where municipal services available)
  • Recycling of batteries, cell phones, computers and peripherals, in-room electronics televisions, DVDs, and radios.
  • Donating partially-used shampoos and conditioners and used linens and towels to local charities.
  • Providing washable/reusable mugs during morning coffee service.
  • Eliminating any use of Styrofoam cups.
  • Towel and linen reuse option encouraged through signage and eco-benefit explanation.
  • Recycling uniform and dry cleaning coat hangers back to dry cleaning company.
  • Recycling ink and toner cartridges.
  • Eco friendly hair dryer bags.
  • Toilet paper wraps replaced with stickers (such as Palomar “P”) or twine wrap
  • Guest room soaps and other accessories use natural ingredients and come from environmentally responsible companies.
  • Low/No VOC Paints for back of house areas.
  • Carpet cleaning uses non-toxic and low VOC chemicals.
  • Break room napkins are unbleached and/or made with recycled content.
  • Use of organic and/or shade grown coffee and organic tea.
  • Organic wine served during select months during Kimpton’s complimentary wine hours.
  • Organic food and drink products in every honor bar.
  • All in-room coffee is organic.
  • Established partnership with environmentally minded organizations
  • Only hotel exhibitor at San Francisco and Washington DC Green Festivals
  • First hotel group partner of Recyclebank
  • Toilet paper made with 100% recycled content toilet paper
  • Purchase of recycled office furniture.
  • Reusable and washable laundry bags
  • Carbon offset program addressing hotel’s energy use and carbon emissions
  • Carbon offset program addressing carbon emissions from management’s commuting
  • Complimentary and discounted hybrid parking programs
  • Eco-friendly (PERC free) dry cleaning service
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals

They even have an eco-friendly Kimpton Style shop that carries eco-friendly products like organic bedding and recycled glassware. Whew right. Also, I didn’t even share their whole list of EarthCare policies – you can skim that monster list at their site.

I was pretty impressed with their green program, and if you’re looking for an eco-friendly stay in the states, I’d check them out.

[image via Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group]

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