Oscar Wilde in Dublin

Oscar Wilde in Dublin
... of writers, but there is one particular writer that over the years has retained a strong presence in the city. It probably helps that there is a statue of him comically lounging on a rock in central Merrion Square, but nonetheless, Oscar Wilde has maintained his place in the hearts of the Irish. This statue is one of the first things I saw when I arrived in Dublin for the first time. As anyone who has been to Dublin will tell you, we are blessed with clever and humorous taxi drivers, and my first...
June 15th, 2010 | Jessica Colley | Read More | Comments: 3
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London statues: mobile phone man

London statues: mobile phone man
... a champagne bar they’d frequent, often taking a bottle or two on to the pavement outside where their celebration of Mammon must have made the statue of philanthropist George Peabody raise a bushy eyebrow. They looked almost like convicts, each jacket marked with the number or name of their firm. And unlike stockbrokers, who headed back to the office at three or three-thirty after lunch, these guys stayed there all afternoon; in many firms the traders were basically freelances working on a...
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Sydney Photo Friday: Captain Cook Statue

... because otherwise we might not be living there! Image source: BotheredByBees @ Flickr Tags: Captain Cook, hyde park, Photos, statue ...
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