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Post Office Tips in Barcelona

The postal service has been around for a long time, but this does not mean that mailing a letter is any easier than it was 200 years ago. Little has changed in the Spanish/ Catalan post office in many moons.

Post Office in Spain. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Post Office in Spain. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

For those who would like to mail a letter or buy some Spanish stamps, consider these tips when writing to mom, Aunt Sue and friends back home:

1 – You may actually have to go the post office. If so, you may like to go to the post office in the Gothic Quarter on Via Laietana,which is grand, with domed, painted ceilings.

2- Take a number! You will need to take a number and then wait. Make sure you choose ‘Envios’ if you are sending letters, otherwise they may not help you.

3- That stamp machine probably doesn’t work. That’s right. give it a try, but 80% of the time the automatic stamp selling machine is out of order. See tip number 2.

4- Mail your letter right from the post office, or mail it from any of the communal mail boxes in the street. They are yellow and say Correos on them. See photo above.

5- Depending on where you are sending your letter, you may have to wait up to 10 days for delivery. When I send letters to the USA, it usually takes this long. A stamp to send a letter to the Americas is about 80 Euro cents.

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