The Last Days of Summer

Sunset at scheveningen beach. scheveningen pier seen from the sea front. The tower on the pier is a favourite bungee jump, but this time of the day there are no jumps. This 60-metre jump is for the brave. Twin jump €120, first jump solo €60, second €50. scheveningen is The Hague’s seaside suburb. The sea front or Boulevard is popular with joggers and ambling tourists and locals. Terraces spill over on to the pavement, ice-cream parlours and Burger outlets are always full. HOW TO GET THERE scheveningen...
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Herring Tasting

... are festooned with little red-white-and-blue flags. This is the day the first new herring or Hollandse Nieuwe caught in the North Sea and brought to scheveningen. Hollandse Nieuwe is the best quality herring and can only be caught from the end May to the end of June. The meat is velvety soft, pale pink and considered a delicacy. This year Vlaggetjesdag is celebrated on 13 June with lots of music, chanty choirs, women in national costumes, traditional craftsmen showing their skills. Over 200.000...
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Vlaggetjesdag: the First Herring of the Season

... with chopped onions, hold the fish by the tail, tilt your head and lower the entire fish into your mouth. This year vlaggetjesdag is on 7 June. scheveningen fishing harbour is where it all happens. The welcoming back of the fleet has developed into a (commercial) festival in which herring plays second fiddle. ...
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