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Will you pay more for eco-friendly travel?

According to travelhorizons, the quarterly consumer survey co-authored by the U.S. Travel Association and Ypartnership you likely won’t pay more for eco-travel. Results of the survey found that while U.S. travelers are now more familiar with sustainable travel terminology than they were just two years they remain unwilling to pay more for eco-friendly travel options.

78% of Americans consider themselves “environmentally conscious” a number that hasn’t changed for two years, but what has changed is that more of these eco-people can define terms like “carbon footprint” and “green travel” now than could in 2007. In spite of people knowing what it means to leave a carbon footprint, only 9% of consumers surveyed said that they would pay more to use travel service suppliers that offer eco-friendly options for travelers. Worse only 3% said that they have purchased a carbon offset when booking travel.

Peter Yesawich, chairman and CEO of Ypartnership, notes, “Although consumers are reluctant to pay more to support green travel service suppliers, they are definitely paying attention to those who are green, even in this down economy… travel service suppliers should therefore continue to adopt green practices that have a minimum impact on consumers’ wallets.

Other key findings:

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