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London — By Andrea Kirkby on December 16, 2009 at 5:25 am
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Banger Bros – meeting my sausage obsession

One of the things I most enjoy when I’m travelling is the sausage. From the German Bratwurst to the Polish kielbasa, from Italian salamis to the French saucisson sec or the North African/French merguez (a fixture at all French village fetes!), the long spiral of a Cumberland sausage or the chubby pink Norfolk sausages with mustard and ale… whether it’s lamb, beef, pork, or duck and venison, or even a vegetarian option from time to time, the sausage is king.

You’ve got the idea… I have a bit of an obsession with sausages.

Steaming sausages... from Belgium, another great sausage eating country

Steaming sausages... from Belgium, another great sausage eating country

So I was keen to try out Banger Bros, a fast food outlet that does what it says on the tin – bangers. (For non-native English speakers, a banger can be either a wrecked old car that you drive till it falls to bits, or a sausage. Obviously, I’m not enough of a petrolhead to be interested in the former.)

The menu looks good – lamb merguez with mint yoghurt (a classic combination for lamb) immediately caught my eye. There’s also a smokey Polish version that looks interesting, and two lighter options, one veggie and one chicken sausage.

Prices also look good; £3.95 for most of the sausages (the chicken is £1 more, but it’s free-range), which come in a bun with accompaniments such as fried shallots.

Now, is the effect quite what we’re looking for in a gastro sausage? Well, the presentation is good, and the accompaniments I think they have got just right. The sausages are also cooked right – crispy on the outside but not burned. (That might be different if you hasve the hot dog, admittedly.) And it’s good meat, making good chewy sausage. I’ve had some ‘English sausages’ which were about as  chewy as a piece of rather soggy bread – that wasn’t a problem here. It’s good filling food.

However, I slightly missed the feeling of authenticity you need for proper bangers and mash – in a greasy spoon, or a backstreets pub, let’s say. None the less, in terms of value and a decent quick lunch, Banger Bros gets my seal of approval.

There are five outlets in London so far, and I’m going to find the Euston [map] one quite useful.

Photo by André Mouraux on flickr

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