Mushroom Festival Near Treviso: Get Your Funk-us On!

31 Years of celebrating the mushroom. Is it possible? Yes, and you’ll be able to take your turn celebrating this wonderful fungus if you venture over to the small town of Nervesa della Battaglia near Treviso, Italy from the 25th to the 29th of September. If you’re thinking that this is some “throwback to Woodstock” celebration where you’ll find some “shrooms” or “magic toad stools” then you’re seriously mistaken. However, the culinary skills...
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Traditional Venetian Feast: Campo San Giacomo, July 20-26

If you’re looking for a local restaurant that won’t break the bank and has that authentic feeling, smell, and taste of Italy. Then all you need to do is wonder over to Campo San Giacomo dell’Oro this week and take part in one of the many celebrations that Venice has to offer this time of year. This year offers a traditional local feast provided by food stands that serve up all types of Venetian cuisine. In addition to this, in the evenings there are various concerts that offer the...
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Historic Palio Competition & Medieval Feast

If you’re familiar with the Palio competition in Italy, then you’re probably familiar with the annual competition in Sienna…which is probably Italy’s most famous. But this event also happens in other towns and villages as well and at the end of this month, next weekend in fact, there will be one in Noale near Venice. For those of you who are not familiar with Palio it’s a horse race that dates back to medieval times when the most influential families of the city raced...
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