A Literary Pint in Dublin

A Literary Pint in Dublin
... always full of music and life. While some visitors might think that locals wouldn’t hang out in this area, we do. Some of the best traditional pubs are located around the Grafton Street area, and whether it’s for a Sunday afternoon pint or meeting friends after work on a Friday, we love them as much as the tourists do. There’s a pub off Grafton Street that is known as not only a local favorite, but also a literary landmark. Davy Byrne’s Pub has long been associated with a...
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Pub ‘N Grub at Hamilton’s

Pub ‘N Grub at Hamilton’s
... me:  Hamiltons. The Venue I’d like to point out that I’m reviewing Hamiltons today from the brunch perspective.  As like most of the pubs in this area, it is quite popular and perhaps a bit rowdy in the evenings, but I found the brunch/lunch atmosphere to be perfectly enjoyable. The inside decor is very clean modern, with lots of artwork on the walls by local artists – one of the paintings next our table said “my studio is just next door – why not pop by when you’ve...
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Johnny Fox’s: The Highest Pub in Dublin

Johnny Fox’s: The Highest Pub in Dublin
... the weather is sunny, outdoor tables fill with groups of people enjoying a ‘cheeky midday pint’ and a hearty meal. While there are many pubs within Dublin city center that are ideal for for spending a Sunday afternoon, there is one place a quick drive away that is even better: Johnny Fox’s Pub. (map) This pub is famous and for good reason. Upon arrival you’ll see pictures of American celebrities and politicians during their trip to the pub. Irish knick-knacks adorn every...
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DownTown Matías, My Favourite Irish Pub in Buenos Aires

DownTown Matías, My Favourite Irish Pub in Buenos Aires
A few years ago Buenos Aires experienced a rapid widespread expansion of pubs, specially Irish ones. If you are in town and feel like going to an Irish pub there are a few good places you might like to check out. One of these establishments is DownTown Matías. Since it opened its doors back in 1973, it claims to have been the first pub in downtown. The are several locations, but the one I like the most is the original one, the first one that opened, located in the barrio de Retiro. It is nothing...
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The Best Pints of Guinness in Dublin

The Best Pints of Guinness in Dublin
Not all pints are created equal in Dublin. After drinking a few pints of Ireland’s famous stout in pubs across the city – I realized that some pubs simply pour a better pint than others. So what makes the perfect pint? First of all – the bartender needs to allow proper time to pour your pint. Unlike other types of beer, Guinness requires time to settle. A trip to the Guinness Storehouse will teach you that it takes almost 3 full minutes for a perfect pint. When you’re standing...
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Game Day in Dublin

Game Day in Dublin
... I was walking along Grafton Steet (the pedestrianized center of the city) and I began to hear different accents, and see people standing outside pubs in red shirts: Welsh rugby jerseys. This happened a few weeks ago with cheery Italians, and last year when the French were in town. pubs are crowded the night before the game, the afternoon of the game, and from the moment the match is over until last call around 2am. What has always struck me about this fact is that fans are happy to enjoy the atmosphere...
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Beautiful Budget Meals at The Fox and Lion Hotel

Beautiful Budget Meals at The Fox and Lion Hotel
Despite its inviting outdoor patio and casual atmosphere, The Fox and Lion Hotel at the Entertainment Quarter goes beyond standard pub grub. Of course, all the old favourites are there, including fish and chips and thick juicy steaks. But it was the meals that were just a little bit different that piqued the interests of my mother and me on Saturday. I opted for chicken in a basket, a sadly mundane name for a pretty sensational dish. It’s not the roast chook that we’re used to, but spatchcock....
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RBS 6 Nations Rugby at Murrayfield Stadium

... vibe is a bit over-the-top on games days over at the stadium as folk stream in from the city centre. There really aren’t enough pubs in this area of town, so if you’ve not got a ticket it’s best to stay in the centre. Areas like the Grassmarket, around Haymarket Station and the West End are the busiest and you’ll have no trouble finding fellow supporters – just look for the team colours! The RBS 6 Nations website has a list of games and related events, as well as...
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Book review – London’s best pubs

Yes! I’m banging on about pubs again. I had a couple of very good pints of Elgood’s Black Dog last night, so I’m feeling enthusiastic. And I have a nice review copy of Peter Haydon’s ‘London’s best pubs’ sitting in front of me and whetting my appetite to get out there and visit some more good taverns. This is a sumptuously illustrated book. I turned straight to my favourites – the Princess Louise in Holborn, a sparklinginterior of engraved glass...
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Lonely Planet’s Overview of Edinburgh

Check out this fantastic video from Lonely Planet which gives a great overview of Edinburgh.  They cover several of my favourite recommendations, including the neighbourhood of Stockbridge, real ale beers, eating haggis, and the Scottish Parliament.  Mind you, the video has bagpipes going on throughout the entire reel, but they aren’t like the obnoxious ones you’ll find in the tourist shops.  Enjoy [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McK_bNO8kQc] ...
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Jamaica Wine House – a great pub in the City

... as it’s known to its friends, has just been bought by Kent brewer Shepherd Neame. Shepherd Neame already owns a number of splendid London pubs, and its beers are renowned. Although the Jamaica Wine House goes back to 1652 when a coffee house, ‘at the sign of the Pasqual Rosee’s Head’, was set up on the site, the current building is a wonderful work of nineteenth century pub style. The oak panelled bar, wooden floor and fine woodwork partitions give it a real touch of High...
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New Year’s Resolutions – ten top pubs I must visit!

... real ale, and I like a good pub to settle down in for the evening with a friend or two and a few pints of beer. But I am a lazy so-and-so. I have my pubs I love, like the Market Porter in Southwark, and I tend to head straight for them. I’m definitely missing out on the variety of London pubs, so this year I’m going to visit a few more. I asked friends in London CAMRA what my top ten ought to be. The Calthorpe Arms, Grays Inn Road. Close to King’s Cross so I have no excuse for...
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