Save Your Money – Don’t Speed in Washington DC

Save Your Money – Don’t Speed in Washington DC
... locations that can work 24 hours-a-day without needing to take a break for coffee and doughnuts, it’s easy to understand why so far this year, DC police have mailed about 31,000 tickets to drivers each month, with an average fine of $94.00 per ticket. police radar units may be set up on a tripod, in a fixed installation, or mounted in a vehicle parked at the side of the road operated by a radar-certified police officer. The good news for drivers that get caught speeding by automated photo radar...
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Futuristic Green Police Vehicle Hits DC…or at Least the National Gallery of Art Police Team

Perhaps you’ve seen the unique three-wheeled Segway-like transports being ridden by National Gallery of Art police around the museum in Washington, DC.  The vehicle is the all-electric T3 Transporter by T3 Motion. The rider stands up, holding on to a motorcycle-like handlebar for balance and steers similar to a bicycle. The front-wheel drive T3 is powered by an electric motor driven by two rechargeable lithium batteries. With user selected top speeds of 5, 8, 10 or 12 mph, and an optional...
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Find Out About Washington, DC Street Closings Before Making Your Trip

... Once I got near the White House, it took 20 minutes to get to my destination… just 3 blocks away. So here’s a great link, to the Metropolitan police advisories web page, which includes advanced notices on street closings around the District. For an inauguration street closing map, click here. So add the link to your favorites and check it before attempting to drive around Washington, DC…especially this week. Image – Flickr – police vehicle _____________________________________________ Tags:...
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