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London — By Andrea Kirkby on January 12, 2010 at 10:00 am
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Pieminister – pie but not as we know it

Eel pie and mash was one of the staples of the old East End. Steak and kidney pie has always been a great British dish (though since I hate kidneys, I have steak and ale pie instead). But the quality of many pies is dubious. Enter Pieminister, with a mission to revitalise the British pie.

"Ooh, you are awful" - instructions for eating your Pieminister takeaway

"Ooh, you are awful" - instructions for eating your Pieminister takeaway

First off, Pieminister’s pies are all natural ingredients – no hydrogenated vegetable fats, preservatives, and so on. So you don’t end up with the kind of mushy, artificial tasting filling you get in some mass market pies.

Secondly, Pieminister doesn’t just do old standards like steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom, or cheese and onion for the veggies. There’s also a minty lamb pie, a chicken pie with Thai green curry sauce, and evenpies with a distinct Mediterranean flavour – chorizo and olives, goat’s cheese and red onion. Plus a changing ’specials’ list which changes according to the season – at the moment it includes venison and pheasant with puy lentils, and parsnip and chestnut with cheddar.

Even better, the pies are big and reasonably priced, and for a bit more money you can add mash. Or mushy peas – another Brit-cuisine favourite. A proper, traditional British meal for a bit more than a fiver; not bad!

If you want your pies, there’s a pie and mash wagon outside St Mary’s Church, Upper Street, Islington [map], or you can visit the pie stalls at Borough Market (Thursday to Saturday) and Covent Garden (Thursdays) as well as a number of farmers’ markets. Highly recommended.

Photo by  Handolio  on flickr

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