Where Nasa & Star Trek Started: Galileo’s Observatory, Padova

La Specola - Padova Last month the world celebrated the 40th Anniversary of men walking on the moon. This event happened long before my time, yet I still watched the clips with enthusiasm and felt proud that I was an American at that point when I saw the flag unrolled on the surface of the moon. Yet, I couldn’t help but realize that we wouldn’t be standing there at that point if it hadn’t been for great thinkers and dreamers before us. In Padova, not far from Venice, you can visit...
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Small, Hidden, Museums…OFF The Beaten Path! Part 3 of 3

... Of The Disappeared Villages The Civic Museum of Disappeared Villages displays findings, documents and aerial photographs of some southern hamlets of Padova that, though they sometimes played an important role in the past, have disappeared during the Middle Ages because of pestilences, urbanization, drainages, etc. Villa Estense – Via Municipio, 26 – Tel. 0429 91896 All The Forgotton Information How To Arrive There International Artistic Glass Museum More than 500 works by historical master...
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