Divanyoglu – the heart of Sultanahmed

Divanyoglu – the heart of Sultanahmed
Divanyoglu is a street. The name, meaning ‘Way of the Council’ comes from the fact that during the times of the Ottoman Empire, the ministers and members of the sultan’s council used this road to arrive at Topkapi Palace. On horseback of course, accompanied by their entourage  and in full regalia. Today’s visitors and citizens of Istanbul alike who use this main thoroughfare of Sultanahmed on a  daily basis may wear trainers and backpacks or suits and laptop cases, but it’s still the...
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Seeing Historic Gastown Through a Camera’s Lens

Seeing Historic Gastown Through a Camera’s Lens
Gastown Wall Mural My friend invited me to join her and a meet-up group of photographers in Gastown.  This popular, historic part of town in the heart of the Downtown East Side, is where the city of Vancouver had its beginnings.  I’ve been there many times and written about it before, but this day I was going to see Gastown differently:  through a camera’s lens.  I didn’t have an expensive Nikon or camera gear like most of the participants in this photo shoot.  But my humble little Sony...
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Quirky City Bus Tours

... But how about forays to crime scenes, the hangouts of cutting-edge literary figures, and the big, huge L.A.’s more “interesting” neighborhoods (or ‘hoods). Unordinary and extraordinary tour company Esoteric offers “Bus Adventures into the secret heart of LA.” Led by smart and funny guides, tours are rolling “urban studies” educations with themes such as crime, fine art, film and literature, and architecture. Snack stops, also full of surprise, might...
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