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Barcelona — By thebarcelonaguide on December 16, 2009 at 1:01 pm
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Tips on Taking Barcelona’s Subway

The subway, or metro, is the quickest way to get around Barcelona. There are 9 metro lines crisscrossing the city, and they will get you where you need to go with in the center.

Barcelona's Metro and Transport. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Barcelona's Metro and Transport. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Here are some facts and tips for safe and easy riding on Barcelona’s metro system:

1- Time. The metro is open Sun- Thurs from 5am to 12 midnight. Friday from 5am to 2am and Saturday ALL NIGHT LONG…..

2- Tickets. You could buy single tickets for the metro each time you board, but if you will be in Barcelona for some time, then get a T-10 pass. This costs about 8 Euros and is cheaper than buying single tickets. It give you 10 rides.

3-Metro and Bus. The same ticket that you use for the metro is also good for the bus and RENFE trains. You don’t need to buy another ticket.

4- Dangerous? No, Barcelona’s metro is not dangerous, though I would not ride alone out to any of the end of the line stations late at night  (Besos, La Pau…). Sure, there are some freaks that ride the metro, but usually the train is quite full and people are relaxed. Police and security tour the metro now and then and they may ask to see your ticket.

5- On time. Well, yes, the metro is more or less always on time. It is much faster and much more reliable than the bus or RENFE, which are rarely on time, ever.

6- You can catch the metro all over town. Get yourself a metro map in the tourist info center at Plaza Cataluna.


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