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London — By Andrea Kirkby on February 28, 2010 at 12:59 pm
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The Goring Hotel

Among London’s top hotels, the Goring is perhaps the least well known – despite its location practically next to Buckingham Palace.

Can't stay here? Then the Goring Hotel is the next best thing!

It’s one of the few hotels anywhere to remain in the hands of its founding family. And although it’s been refurbished recently, it still has a slightly old world charm – to which, since it’s shortly going to celebrate its 100th birthday, it is entitled.

It’s the service that stands out. I’ve noticed, when meeting people who are staying at the Goring, that the staff always know who they are – there’s not the anonymous, let-me-see-your-room-number style of service you get in a lot of larger hotels.

They’re devoted to making sure you have a good time, so you get a real welcome, rather than the slightly over-the-top unctuousness and disdain of some hotel staff in five-star hotels.

And the very odd sense of humour of the owners is much in evidence – for instance in the carved sheep that decorate the hotel, and a painting of a naked lady in the gents. (I have to point out that I only know that by hearsay – I haven’t actually been in to see it.)

The food is not quite so good, though the breakfast isn’t bad at all. Some contention was caused recently by a ‘hundred years of British food’ menu that had wartime and ration-book dishes on it that were not particularly palatable. I suspect, though, the reviewer may not have realised that the hotel’s owner is noted for that rather strange sense of humour! Certainly this is a hotel that can serve up a perfectly good dinner,with an excellent wine list, though if you’re after cutting edge cuisine you might prefer to eat out. Traditional British cuisine is the thing here, and the lobster omelette for instance is really a great dish – and a nice change from smoked salmon omelette in my view!

Unfortunately the Goring isn’t in my price bracket, with rooms from £350 up. But you can experience the hotel’s hospitality for less if you try afternoon tea for £25 – and with that typical sense of humour and willingness to be a bit different, the Goring includes trifle as well as cakes.

And if you’re bringing your family to London, you might note that this is one top hotel that really welcomes children – providing a bedtime story library as well as a basket of ”essentials” for anyone travelling with a baby.

Definitely a hotel with a difference!

Where: The Goring, Beeston Place, London SW1W 0JW[map]

Photo by AJagendorf25 on flickr

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