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London — By Andrea Kirkby on April 10, 2010 at 6:15 am
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Oxfam, Oxford Street…

Oxfam does a sterling job of recycling unloved clothes and using the proceeds for charitable causes in the developing world. It’s definitely gone upmarket in recent years, with designer outlets far removed from the mothball-smelling rag-and-bone style of charity shop we all know and avoid. And now it’s opening up on Oxford Street!

A more usual Oxfam sight - knitting for an Oxfam campaign

In fact, it’s a purely temporary Oxfam that will be opening within the hallowed precints of Selfridges[map]. But it’s an Oxfam you really must get to if you get a chance – even if only to window-shop.

From 14 to 20 May, Selfridges will host the Oxfam Curiosity Shop, with designer clothes and celeb shop assistants. It’s supporting women’s projects around the world – neatly dovetailing with its expected clientele.

Once-worn designer dresses – handbags – books – a couple of film reels – there’s all kinds of stuff in the shop, all donated by celebs and with the whole collection ‘curated’ by the CEO of the Whistles fashion chain, so there’s not going to be any grot. What the pricing policy is going to be, though, I do wonder – it might be the first Oxfam shop where I can’t afford anything off the rail!

Should be fun. Although… I can’t help noticing that the post from Annie Lennox’s web site is dated 31 March for release on 1st April – and neither Selfridges nor Oxfam have the event featured on their web sites. I wonder if The Guardian fell for it rather belatedly?

Photo by Net-efekt on flickr

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