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London — By Andrea Kirkby on February 26, 2010 at 12:03 pm
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Street food of London – video

I love my street food, wherever I go. But it has been pretty lacklustre in London, sometimes – chips, chips, chips, not a lot else. Dodgy kebabs as your ‘ethnic’ option.

I’m glad that’s changed. You can get bratwurst, you can get burritos, you can get sweet and sour chicken or red Thai curry or ramen these days.

Whitecross Street Market for instance has tapas, falafel, veggie options, Italian and Portuguese takeaway. Columbia Road flower market, one of the genuine old East End markets, now has great patisserie.

Broadway market is particularly worth a visit with Portuguese and Vietnamese food as well as Italian ice cream.

And of course if you head out towards Shepherd’s Bush and Goldhawk road you’ll get plenty of middle Eastern options – falafel to go, or mezze to eat in. Rich smelling tagines too, and real kebabs, or spicy thick harira soup (this is an afternoon soup – traditionally for breaking your fast in Ramadan, but available all year round).

And Brick Lane, the big Cockney flea market on Sunday, now has interesting options including Italian and veggie, as well as doughnuts – a nice traditional way of getting your stomach full of stodge and your sugar levels sorted.

A great video on the Guardian’s web site introduces some of the modern street food of London – but first shows us traditional old-time stars, Tubby Isaacs’ whelk stall and Cooke’s Pie and mash shop. I was quite impressed by the way an obvious novice takes to jellied eels – might have to give them a go again myself Tubby’s eels are as tasty as that!

I hope the ‘new’ won’t push out the old. Eel pie and mash, and fish and chips too (when it’s done well), are traditions we don’t want to lose. I think I’ll feel happier about the future of our traditional foods once we see the first new-style eel pie shop – perhaps a fusion Portuguese one with sardine pie and mash as well?

Photo by Hoxtonboy on flickr

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