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Museum Street – a place to eat!

Visiting the British Museum and want lunch in between two of the galleries? I’ve discovered some great places to eat near the museum.

If you want a cheapie vegetarian and you don’t mind a little trek, try Govinda’s[].

But if you want a meal close by, and it’s sunny, head for Museum Street – bang opposite the main entrance.

Part of the street has been pedestrianised, and the cafes have taken advantage of this by spreading tables out on the pavement. It’s a relaxing place, with mainly sandwicheries and Italian food available; there’s a pub on the corner, too, if you’re after a pint (though I can’t answer for the beer: I had a sandwich outside).

Undoubtedly there’s a bit of a premium for the location, but it’s not excessive. And the atmosphere was great; lively, but laid back – not too many people passing, but most of the tables full. The gracious architecture is also an attraction – lovely stucco fronted early nineteenth century houses, and the sight of the British Museum facade at the end of the road.

Besides which, of course, getting a cafe meal like this is quick. So if you want to spend more time in the museum, and less time waiting for your order, it’s a great idea.

Definitely not recommended, though, is the hot dog vendor immediately outside the museum. The smell of the hot dogs and fried onions was really not attractive; and this is coming from someone who likes hot dogs!

Photo by Monica Arellano-Onpin, on flickr, shows someone evidently in need of a good meal. I couldn’t resist it – the true spirit of Bloomsbury, very quiet and academic but a surprise round every corner!

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