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London — By Andrea Kirkby on December 5, 2009 at 8:57 am
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Confused at Heathrow?

Heathrow Airport is, like most airports, a rather confusing place at times. But now it seems to have very confusing indeed with the closure of Terminal 2[map].

Ugh. Low ceilings, boring colours, soulless, empty. The photographer didn't like it either.

Ugh. Low ceilings, boring colours, soulless, empty. The photographer didn't like it either.

Mind you, most travellers who use T2 at all often will be glad it’s being replaced. It’s handling more than five times the number of passengers it was built for, and it looks pretty shabby besides more modern facilities such as Terminal 5. The Foster & Partners design for the new terminal looks interesting, with its soft, wavy roof and huge glass walls. (Of course, the architect’s drawing doesn’t show you what it will be like once all those people get into it…)

The new terminal should be opened in 2014 (yes, two years AFTER the London Olympics – superb timing!) which will serve the Star Alliance airlines, led by Lufthansa.That will make life easier if you’re connecting from one Star Alliance flight to another – say from Lufthansa to BMI – but it does involve a bit of shunting around. Air France will now move to Terminal 4 instead.

Your best bet for working out where you need to be is to consult the airport’s own ‘Which terminal?’ website before you fly. You can search by destination or airline, or both. There are also live information screens for both arrivals and departures on the same site – worth bookmarking if you’re using the airport in the near future.

For some travellers, the Heathrow Express service from Paddington has just become more useful. It’s now introducing live flight information at Paddington, and travellers on Delta, Iberia, Finnair and United Airlines can check in at the station.

Photo by Adam Smith on flickr

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