Obama’s Kailua

Obama’s Kailua
Photo courtesy of MoralesDirect (Flickr) kailua is one of the most idyllic towns in the Hawaiian islands, so it’s no wonder the First Family is spending their 10-day holiday vacation on the serene shores of Oahu’s windward coast.  The Obamas arrived on Christmas Eve to a great deal of buzz and excitement.  Even air traffic will be diverted for additional safety precautions.  My friends in kailua are already on the Obamas lookout, hoping to catch a glance of the family when they sneak...
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Oahu Day Trips

... island, others can be experience anywhere if you look hard enough. Kayaking This paddling tour takes place on calm-reef protected waters on kailua Bay. A trained naturalist guides kayakers along this beautiful coastal area to several close offshore islets. Along the way, you will probably see one or more Hawaiian green sea turtles. Your guide, well-versed in Hawaiian history, marine life, and our island’s geological formations, will tell stories and impart thought provoking information. Paddlers...
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