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Where to find the best thali in Mumbai

Where to find the best thali in Mumbai
There are many reasons to travel to India, and food is one of them – despite its reputation for Delhi Belly. While dishes vary across the country – from the seafood curries of Kerala to the tandoori flavours of Punjab – one common dish you’ll find almost everywhere is the thali. This is essentially an all-you-can-eat meal served on a large stainless steel plate with small stainless steel bowls that are continuously filled with food until you’re ready to burst. A thali...
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Vegetarian treats at Govinda’s

Finding a purely vegetarian place in central London can be a bit tricky. Come to that, it’s also difficult to find a budget eating place of any quality. Govinda’s solves both problems. Old Soho hounds will probably know it well. Govinda’s serves good, cheap Indian vegetarian food, with a number of vegan options. I particularly like the thali, a selection of different dal (lentil or split pea) and vegetable dishes with rice. Devotees of the curry house may find this food a little...
December 22nd, 2008 | Andrea Kirkby | Read More | Comments: 0
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