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Do-It-Yourself in the Philippines

This past weekend, my house has resembled a construction site. My hubby and I have been replacing some carpet with a wood floor. There are a lot of steps involved, even before we laid the first tile. We removed everything from the room, ripped out the said carpet and its padding underneath, pulled out all the staples and thoroughly cleaned the subfloor. And that was just for the first day.

Now, we’re at the end of the third day, after hours of the painstaking laying down of panel after panel, the floor has taken on the look that I’ve envisioned and dreamed of. We only have about 2 feet of bare floor left. Roughly 350 square feet is nice shiny wooden floor. In the process, we have been initiated into the DIY (do-it-yourself) club.

I’ve been wondering how prevalent the DIY mentality is in the the Philippines. Most Filipinos grew up calling mamang karpentero (the carpenter guy) for any repairs or renovations around the house. Labor is cheap and everyone knows a handyman in the neighborhood. My father, though, is pretty good with a hammer. He built two sets of bunk beds for my siblings and me. Come to think of it, he built all the beds in our house. My mother, too, can wield a hammer when necessary. I have them to thank for what small aptitude I have in that department.

I wonder whether a store like IKEA will do well in the Philippines. Are you willing to pay for materials and, when provided with easy instructions, put furniture together yourself? Or is it infinitely easier to call someone else to do it for you?

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