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Charge Up Your Vacation with powermonkey-eXplorer

A decent portable solar electronics charger is the perfect green travelers companion, especially if you happen to be a green traveler who can’t leave home without your cell, iPod, digital camera and so fourth. Following is the powermonkey-eXplorer, one excellent solar charger option for your green travels.


The powermonkey-eXplorer was rated “Awesome” by MacLife, and it’s super slick. The powermonkey-eXplorer is compatible with the majority of mobile phones, iPods (including 2nd Gen iPhone), MP3 / MP4, PDAs and portable games consoles including the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS & DS-Lite. Features include:

  • 96 hours of standby on your mobile, 40 hours on your iPod, 5 hours on your games console, 48 hours on your PDA and 6 hours on MP3/MP4 players.
  • powermonkey-eXplorer can be charged three ways: via the solarmonkey portable solar charger, included universal mains charger or via USB.

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