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Green Holiday Travel

It may seem early to think about the holidays, but keep this in mind… In less than two months it’s Thanksgiving then, Christmas and the other winter holidays follow the next month. You don’t have too much time to plan for greener traveling during the holidays.

green christmas tree options

Here’s how to get ready:

Plan your transportation: From a carbon footprint standpoint, car travel is one of the worst if you’re going it alone. If you’ve got an entire family going with you, or an eco-friendly car, it’s less of a burden on the planet. Flying is not much better than driving unless solo, and sailing away for the holidays is very bad from an eco-standpoint. Trains have a small carbon footprint and renting a hybrid is another good idea.

Lose weight fast before the holidays!: Not just because you’ll be filling up on pie. Each and every suitcase you take on your travels is a weight that contributes to a larger carbon footprint. See if each family member can pack just one bag this holiday season.

Choose eco-friendly lodging: The nicest place to stay is with your friends and family of course, well, unless you’ve got loony MIL or something, then second best is to choose green lodging.

Stay home!!! The best green holiday travel is no travel at all. Consider this; holiday travel is more expensive, more crowded, tiring (during your time off) and leaves a large footprint. Instead, stay home, relax, invite folk to your place.

Also see: Use 35 simple tips to plan any kind of green holiday travel plus see some budget minded green travel tips.

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