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How to find green vacation lodging

No matter where you stay while on vacation (a hotel, motel, B&B, a ship, hostel, or so on) it’s easy to play detective and find out if where you’re staying is green or not so much. Whenever you book a place to stay ask yourself the following questions about the place. If you’re not sure off the top of your head call or email the place with a list of questions.

  • Is the lodging locally owned?
  • Does the lodging staff local employees when possible – note that at some resorts winter weather makes local staffing impossible. People may travel in to work during the vacation season.
  • What sort of energy does the lodging rely on? It is powered by an alternative energy sources such as wind or solar? Do they offset any energy?
  • What’s the eco-credentials of the building itself? Is it LEED certified?
  • What’s the water situation? Are there low-flow shower heads or rain barrels systems in place?
  • Is there a no wash / no clean option. For example if you ask will your towel be left in your room for a second or third use, or will housekeeping grab it anyhow?
  • If food is offered or there’s a restaurant on premise do they offer local and organic meal choices? If it’s an ocean or beach resort see if they have sustainable seafood criteria.
  • Are organic towels, bedding, and other textiles used?
  • Is the furniture sustainable?
  • How do they dispose of trash – for example, do they compost, have a recycling program, have a clean-up program if they’re a camp-minded site?
  • What sorts of extras do they have and how eco-friendly are they – i.e. energy star fridges in the rooms, a natural swimming pool vs. chlorine pool, natural spa treatments, tours that respect the nature areas surrounding the lodging, etc.
  • Does the hotel support any community organizations, eco-organizations, or other socially ethical non-profits?

Keep in mind that it’s highly unlikely you will find all of the best eco-components at one lodging destination. You’ll have to pick and choose which aspects matter the most too you. For example, a green B&B may not have organic sheets, but they may offer all organic meals and have rain barrels for watering the garden and washing cars. Weigh all the questions before deciding if a particular place is right for your vacation and eco-ethics.

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