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Vinopolis for Valentine’s

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day are very simple – chocolate and cakes! But if you feel like being sophisticated this year, Vinopolis – the wine specialist on the South Bank – has a number of ideas for you.

Browsing the wines in style at Vinopolis

There’s a Champagne Masterclass which I must admit would tempt me if I weren’t going to be too busy gorging myself on chocolates.It includes four rosé champagnes – and while pink is the colour of the season, you don’t often see good rosé champagne, still less four of them at once. Eight different champagnes in all, and food that has been chosen to complement them, plus educating your palate with tuition by Vinopolis’ Cellar Master Jean Pierre Vincent. At £40 each, you’re probably getting a better deal than buying a Valentine’s Day dinner in most of the better restaurants, and you’re certainly going to have more fun.

There’s a singles tour – sort of speed-dating-plus-wine, but all the ladies’ places have already been taken. Chaps only, I’m afraid.

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, there’s a comedy night, and on the day itself there’s a special wine tour, together with flamenco music and tapas to nibble.  There will be prosecco to start, a ‘how to taste’ session with four wines to taste, a rum tasting and a gin based cocktail – crikey, that’s quite a lot of booze! Or you could take a gourmet package – four course lunch and wine tasting – though you know what? The tapas sounds more fun!

Apart from the ladies’ side of the singles tour, everything still seems to be available via the Vinopolis web site. And if it isn’t, you could always consider booking a wine tasting for later in the year – though you will miss the pink champagne.

I’m glad to see wine being celebrated in such a stylish and modern way. Not all of us love browsing through cobwebby cellars with a modern version of Jeeves – Vinopolis is definitely an unstuffy place to explore great wines.

Vinopolis, No 1 Bank End, London SE1 9BU: London Bridge tube [map]

Photo by Mike Fleming on flickr

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