There’s More Than Sauce in Worcestershire

There’s More Than Sauce in Worcestershire
... Sauce. Selected by many gourmet cooks as a “must stock cupboard ingredient”, the sauce — named for the Worcestershire region of England — is a “must” in most American kitchens, and has been for the last 170 years. The story goes something like this. Lord Marcus Sandys, a local nobleman, brought a recipe for the sauce back with him from India in the 1820s. Two Worcester (map) chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins attempted to replicate it. However, they...
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“Taste District” of Cumbria

“Taste District” of Cumbria
... cuisine has been unfairly overlooked by those in search of good food. Better known to summer vacationers as the Lake District, this region of England has a wealth of locally produced products worth a bit of culinary travel in the United Kingdom. Titled “The Taste District”, the e-zine targets foods grown and/or produced in Cumbria: think pork and Blue Stilton sausage, wood-smoked back bacon, purple-sprouting broccoli and Maris Piper potatoes. The new e-zine even taught me a new English...
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Luxury countryside castle in England

... cream, and large assortment of teas, is definitely something not to be missed. For more info: Bovey Castle North Bovey Dartmoor National Park Devon England +44 (0)1647 445000 Map it Related places: A Dartmoor National Park View Details and Book if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) { map = new GMap2(document.getElementById('places_map2'));...
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