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Green Travel — By Jennifer on September 30, 2009 at 4:16 pm
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100 Percent Biodegradable Hotel Key Cards

Hotels everywhere may soon be adopting a greener key card. Since all those small green choices do add up, this is a pretty sweet deal. Pineapple Hospitality offers green key cards along with key card sleeves in eco-friendly materials to limit the bulky plastic waste most key cards present. If you consider one large city full of hotels, each with one plastic key card per room, plus spares, all that plastic gets to be a bit much.

recyclable hotel key card

In the past there have been a slew of recycled key cards available, but most were made of non-hardy cardboard that couldn’t take the wear and tear of normal consumer use. The key cards from Pineapple Hospitality come in three flavors and all can take on more rough and tumble use than cardboard. There’s a 100% biodegradable key card made with bioPVC, a 100% biodegradable key card made from corn, and a 100% recycled PVC key card coated with soy based ink.

Key cards are easily customized for each property’s needs and there are coordinating key card folders and sleeves available as well. Ray Burger, President of Pineapple Hospitality, notes, “The Green-Key is sturdy and can stand up to day-to-day use from guests, but won’t last forever when they are lost or thrown away… they have a light footprint on both the environment and on a hotel’s budget. Plus, the specially-designed Green-Keys will help you distinguish your hotel as an environmental leader from the moment guests check in.

green key card

As a traveler this is just one more awesome green hotel perk to watch for. As a property looking to go green, contact  Pineapple Hospitality for more information.

[images via Pineapple Hospitality]

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