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Green Travel — By Jennifer on July 30, 2009 at 10:02 am

Green Camping Gear

Some green camping gear is easier to come by than others – for example, green tents don’t rule, but there are plenty of solar powered tools (think shower or radio) available on the market. If you’re heading into the woods this August make sure you’ve got as much eco-camping gear vs. conventional gear as possible.

NEMO’s Nano OZ Backpacking Tent – made almost entirely of recycled materials picked for their durability, longevity, and functionality. There’s also an integrated vestibule that saves weight by eliminating attachment hardware and rolls out of the way when not needed. Nano OZ comes with GREEN anodized DAC aluminum poles, which can also be recycled. This tent is the bling tent of green, if you’re looking for something a little less expensive, but not as rugged, try the

Eco-Thermo Bamboo Sleeping Pads have a bamboo outer and insulated pad that packs up light and small plus, keeps you warm even on snow (go winter camping) and this cool pad won Backpacker’s Editor’s Choice and Outdoor magazine’s Green Gear of the Year awards in 2007. Comes in large and medium.

There are many solar ovens on the market but the Hybrid Solar Oven is unique and seriously drool worthy. Cooks no matter what the weather due to its rugged onepiece reflector panel combined with a double- paned window, double rubber seals and included booster panels to cook at temperatures up to 300°. You can also plug it into a 120V outlet to cook which yeah uses power, but overall uses 75% less power than a conventional oven. Good idea for RVs looking to save on power or even your too hot to cook summer kitchen. Comes with a tough clamshell suitcase for easy carrying, instant set-up, and compact storage. Includes four cooking pans, oven mitt, oven thermometer, 6′ power cord, and instructional CD.

Depending on how into the wild you go, you’ll either need a light and easy going backpack or super charged sturdy backpack. Luckily there are eco options for either. Try a Ecogear Genus Bag for short and simple camping trips or the REI Traverse 30 Pack for longer more trek-like excursions.

Marmot EcoPro +30 Sleeping Bag – 100% UpCycle PET shell and lining fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and treated for water resistance. Plus this bag is Insulated with 80% UpCycle single-denier, continuous filament fibers. Plenty of other perks too that ensure stay warm comfort on chilly nights.

Coming up soon some DIY green camping gear plus some little green extras you’ll need.

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