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Celebrate Your Family at Disney on Ice – Let’s Celebrate

I had a rare opportunity this weekend.  I was able to share some true Disney magic, close to home with my youngest Disney Traveler by attending a matinee performance of Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis (map).Snow White

Driving into the downtown area of Indianapolis, we were so excited, we made a list of our favorite Disney characters that we hoped we would see.We had another list of characters that we thought might not have made the trip or as my daughter put it “they might not know how to skate”!

Converging with the traffic of people heading into Let’s Celebrate, we can see that we are not the only ones excited.  There are little girls dressed as their favorite Disney Princess.  There lots of red and white polka dotted dresses in the style of  Minnie Mouse, and lots of Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse shirts.

Being the frugal mom that I am, we had a discussion, before entering the building, about all the things that people would be selling, and yes they look really cool, but they are really pricey and we could save that money for shopping trip to the Disney Store sometime later.

As we walk into Conseco, I notice that there isn’t that maddening rush you feel when you arrive for a sporting event, but kind of a happy thrill as everyone is excited and having a fun day.  And yes, there are the vendors, but we successfully walk past them and on to our seats.

Here is where I have a secret.  I love a bargain and thanks to Travelzoo, an online listing of “hot” travel deals and occasionally entertainment bargains in  certain areas,  I was able to snag great seats at 50% off!  So as the gentlemen came into our area selling cotton candy — we splurged!

The show soon began with the opening number revealing all the Disney characters on our list and then some.  The theme behind Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate, is the many things we celebrate throughout the year, tagging the theme to the Disney Resorts year long campaign, “What will you Celebrate”.

On the list of recognized celebrations included:

  • Birthdays with  Mickey and his pals, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and the gang from Alice in Wonderland
  • Halloween with Jack Skellington and some of his friends, including many of the Disney villains and Sorcerer Mickey who comes to Trick-or-Treat
  • Magic as Sorcerer Mickey conjures up many “brooms” to help him clean up the ice
  • Love and Happily Ever After as Minnie Mouse and Fairy Godmother watch all the Disney prince and princesses skate to “their song”, along with the introduction of the newest Disney Princess, Princess Tiana, from Disney’s new release of “The Princess and the Frog”
  • Summer Vacations brought lots of fun skating numbers showcasing different Disney characters from around the world including Lilo and many of her friends from Hawaii
  • Christmas with all the trimmings and all the characters including the gang from Toy Story

I recall going to ice shows when I was a little girl.  The characters seemed larger than life, the costumes gorgeous and the skating was amazing.  While the show was very good, the skating was good, but was it as exciting as I remembered?  I looked down at my daughter who was sitting leaning forward in her seat, hands up to her face totally mesmerized by the action, and I took a deep breathe and smiled, it was just like I remembered!!

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