Pictures Of Morón, Cuba

Pictures Of Morón, Cuba
Morón (map) is the closest city to the resort areas of Cayo Coco (map) and Cayo Guillermo (map) in Cuba.  Had we known that this region, in the Ciego de Ávila province of central Cuba, was pretty much just a hotel zone, we might not have come. However, since most staying there did not venture out of their resorts unless in guided tours, we were afforded a relatively tourist-free glimpse into a real Cuban city - devoid of Hemingway attractions and women in costume posing with cigars. We...
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Travel Light, Even If You Pack Heavy

Travel Light, Even If You Pack Heavy
My husband laughed when he saw the pile of luggage for our first family vacation – we were visiting Varadero, Cuba. While Cuba is safe, clean and very family friendly, there simply isn’t the option of purchasing many baby supplies there, unless your baby considers rum and cigars necessities.  A nervous mom to begin with, I simply couldn’t fathom how I’d cope if I needed “something” and hadn’t brought it or couldn’t find it. We paid a shocking amount in overweight fees, but our...
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Soul de Cuba Cafe

A few weeks ago, I paid my first visit to the Soul de Cuba Cafe, which had long been on my list of places to dine. Located in the middle of downtown Honolulu (at 1121 Bethel Street), Soul de Cuba is really the ONLY Cuban restaurant in Honolulu — maybe even in the islands, and it’s a true delight. Sould de Cuba Cafe was founded by brothers Jesus and Robert Puerto, along with Yoon Kim. Jesus and Robert had the shared dream of owning a restaurant, enrolled in a 2-year restaurant management...
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“Telex From Cuba”

... currently reading, and I love it so much that I want to share the info. Written by current Los Angeles resident, Rachel Kushner, “Telex From Cuba” was nominated for a 2008 National Book Award and has garnered numerous reviews and accolades. I checked my copy out at the local library, and there is already a waiting list. I’m only halfway through and must finish by week’s end. Lucky Canadians, lucky almost everyone else, who gets to travel freely to Cuba. Although, alas, it...
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