Texas Vodka Throwdown

Texas Vodka Throwdown
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July 4th, 2010 | Christina Uticone | Read More | Comments: 2
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A Caipirinha is a Toast to Brazil

A Caipirinha is a Toast to Brazil
... country). Like rum, it’s distilled from sugar cane, but it has a distinct taste and is usually served muddled into a distinctly Brazilian cocktail: caipirinha. Cachaça connoisseurs prefer to have it aged. The older the cachaça, the more expensive (think: 8 years, minimum; 16 years or more is even better). Purists insist that cachaça distilled from sugar cane juice (garapa) is superior to rum, which is made as a byproduct of producing sugar (melaço in Portuguese, which translates to molasses...
June 22nd, 2010 | Susan McKee | Read More | Comments: 1
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Sugarcane Eco-Friendly Cocktails

Sugarcane Eco-Friendly Cocktails
... week I attended the Grand Opening at Sugarcane, a new bar in Houston located at 1919 Washington Ave. (map).  Sugarcane’s hook is “Ecocktails” – they serve organic liquors, grow produce on-site, and squeeze their own fresh juices for mixed drinks.  According to their website they also plan on composting, using biodegradable products, and sourcing liquor and other ingredients locally through the Go-Texan local food movement.  As a former bartender, and current lover of...
June 15th, 2010 | Christina Uticone | Read More | Comments: 6
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Bocca GastroBar – gourmet tapas and quality cocktails in Lisbon

... dishes and some of the most wanted in Bocca restaurant. At the same time, since this is a gastroBar, there a wide quality drink selection – cocktails, Pisco (Peruan firewater) and a great selection of wine (here too, as it happens in the restaurant, there’s a selection of around 90 quality bottles serve by glass). For dessert, the options are great too. Where: Rua da Fonseca 87 (map) Open for lunch and dinner, closed Sundays and Mondays Tel. 213 808 383 (reservations are recommended –...
August 20th, 2009 | Alexandre Kühl Oliveira | Read More | Comments: 0
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