Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Here’s to a Happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s time to fill your glass with an ice cold margarita and whip up a batch of homemade guacamole. To kick it up even more, you might even want to head down to the beach and order yourself a jalapeño margarita from the hip and newly opened neighborhood bar — Vinyl & Kai — located at 1131 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. ...
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Cinco de Mayo Festivities

Cinco de Mayo Festivities
You must know the song by now: “Uno de enero, dos de febrero, tres de marzo, cuatro abril…”  Or maybe the only Spanish song you know is “La Cucaracha” (which literally means “The Cockroach”).  Either way, today is the fifth of May – or “Cinco de Mayo” as they say in Mexico, which means it’s time to party! Cinco de Mayo celebrations are limited to the state of Puebla in Mexico and the United States and it’s actually not even...
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Five Houston Spots for Cinco de Mayo

Five Houston Spots for Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is the annual celebration of Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, and it is generally marked with parades and festivals,  food and drink.  For us bartenders, Cinco de Mayo is also known as “Amateur Night” (along with New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and the night before Thanksgiving), a night when amateur partygoers go out with big intentions and end up one of two ways: in bed by 7 PM or calling in to work at 7 AM. ...
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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in South Florida

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in South Florida
There’s never a bad time to have a margarita, and now you have another reason to indulge as Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. Here’s our guide to the happenings in South Florida. Mercadito Test your taste buds with the “Vato Loco” at Mercadito. This tequila-based cocktail is hot, addicting and gets your I-can-handle-anything juices flowing, as you must sign a waiver if you want to imbibe on this one. If you are not about to set your mouth on fire, you can still take...
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Forecast for Phoenix in May: Hot and Spicy

Forecast for Phoenix in May:  Hot and Spicy
Cinco de Mayo in Phoenix is like St. Patrick’s Day in other cities.  You don’t have to be Mexican to celebrate and it might even be more fun if you’re not. Cinco de Mayo means “fifth of May” in Spanish. A national holiday in Mexico, it commemorates the Battle of Puebla.  On May 5, 1862 a small group of Mexican soldiers defeated a French army twice its size. Mexico had declared its independence in 1810, but there were constant struggles to maintain Mexico’s freedom for many...
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Cinco de Mayo

We’re about as far as one can get from Latin America, be Hawaii is still quite festive when it comes to Cinco de Mayo celebrations.  There’s a variety of special “Taco Tuesday”/Cinco de Mayo festivities that you shouldn’t pass up if you’re up for some good old fashioned tequila shots, margaritas, beers of the Corona, Pacifico, Dos Equis varieties. Check out these cool venues if you’re in the mood for some authentic parties in Honolulu: Nuuanu Avenue will...
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Celebrate Mexican Heritage on Cinco de Mayo

Join over 10,000 people as they celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the annual Mexican festival celebrating the 1862 victory at the battle of Puebla. The Mexican army defeated French colonial forces in a major battle for Mexican independence, in south central Mexico on May 5th of that year. To remember and celebrate that day, the annual National Cinco de Mayo Festival features traditional Mariachi music with Mexican and Latin American folk dance performances, Latin food, children’s craft workshops, Mexican...
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