Cheese Lovers in San Francisco

Cheese Lovers in San Francisco
The cheese School of San Francisco is offering sizzling new classes for spring and summer. Our Summertime Fondue focuses on the lighter, brighter flavors of goat and sheep milk cheeses for fondue frolic and fun. Home cheesemaking classes introduces students to the basic principles of cheesemaking at home The Remarkably Redolent and Ravishing World of Robiola is an exploration of all the unctuous goodness that can be found in the fast and sometimes confusing world of Robiola cheeses. Locavore’s...
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It’s All About Cheese

Did you grow up on pre-packaged slices of American and Swiss cheese? Or, if your mom was really daring, you might have tasted a chunk of Colby or or wedge of Laughing Cow. If your mom was June Cleaver, then it was all about Velveeta. Lose the past! It’s time for some real cheese--creamy brie, pungent Camembert, delights from sheep and goats, and artisan selections. cheese shops: Say cheese 2800 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles 90027 (323) 665-0545 Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM-7 PM; Sat, 8:30 AM-6:30...
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Three Restaurants Worth Trying: Wine, Olives, Cheese and More

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