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London — By Andrea Kirkby on September 20, 2009 at 1:34 pm
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Photographer’s special – keep your camera safe

How do you keep your camera safe? I take mine in a hideous black suede bag that’s seen better days – but it has the right number of pockets for SD cards, and it zips up tight. I got it for 50p at a car boot sale, and it works.

But I know I could do with something better. More padded, and perhaps more secure. The Pacsafe range of luggage looks like what I’m looking for.

Pacsafe has developed slashproof fabric to stop anyone knifing your bag or cutting the shoulder strap. The bags are well padded, which mine is not, and have locks to attach them to a secure fixture if you need to – say in your hostel or if you’re camping. And they look pretty smart, too – Pacsafe has a travel handbag that actually doesn’t look naff, which most do.

The other thing I like about Pacsafe is that they seem to know that different travellers need different things. They have stuff for adventure travellers who’re out climbing mountains or bussing through Kazakhstan – and they have stuff for urban adventurers who need not to look out of place in the City of London or the Ritz Hotel, but might be lugging a camera round Hackney as well.

Picture courtesy of Pacsafe

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