Beat the Summer Heat

Beat the Summer Heat
... trails. There are countless guesthouses, hostels and campsites on the island, making it a favorite spot for backpackers and other travelers on a budget. There’s not a great deal of nightlife to speak of, but if you’re looking to keep cool and escape the heat of the city, this is your place. A couple of hours’ farther down the coast, the town of Paraty is a perfectly-preserved example of colonial architecture at its most picturesque. Cobbled streets washed by high tides, whitewashed...
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Costumes for Carnival

... could imagine – from superhero outfits to spangly headgear and fairy wands. Best of all, Saara is known for its bargain basement prices, so budget travelers in Rio will be able to stock up on Carnival goodies without breaking the bank. Photo: Lucy Bryson ...
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Stay on budget with OANDA currency converter

Stay on budget with OANDA currency converter
... you’re debating over that Buddhist thangka in Kathmandu or those half-price Prada shoes in Paris, there are tools that can help you stick to your budget. Not only that, but banks make you pay a price – a pretty hefty price, at that – for taking cash or credit card advances out of foreign ATMs. So the more you can stick to your budget, the more you’ll save in service charges. In the past, if you didn’t have a knack for doing complex mathematical equations in your head, you’d...
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Breakfast for Two Euros!? Barcelona Best Deal

Breakfast for Two Euros!? Barcelona Best Deal
Located on the charming Passeig del Born, El Born Cafe and Bar is a cozy hole-in-the-wall with a budget breakfast menu. budget Breakfast and Goodies in Barcelona. By Regina Winkle-Bryan This cafe and bar by night, is one of my favorite joints to read the paper, drink cafe con leche, eat pastries and eye the cute staff. For about 2.00 Euros, you  can get a frothy cup of excellent Joe, and one of their many pastry offerings. They’ve got croissants, muffins,  empanadas (there is an Argentine...
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Beautiful Budget Meals at The Fox and Lion Hotel

Beautiful Budget Meals at The Fox and Lion Hotel
Despite its inviting outdoor patio and casual atmosphere, The Fox and Lion Hotel at the Entertainment Quarter goes beyond standard pub grub. Of course, all the old favourites are there, including fish and chips and thick juicy steaks. But it was the meals that were just a little bit different that piqued the interests of my mother and me on Saturday. I opted for chicken in a basket, a sadly mundane name for a pretty sensational dish. It’s not the roast chook that we’re used to, but spatchcock....
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Tasty Tapioca

How I managed to live in Rio de Janeiro for nearly two years without sampling the gastronomic joys of tapioca, I do not know. What I do know is that, now I’ve discovered the stuff, I’ve developed a full-blown addiction. Forget any associations of the word ‘tapioca’ with the lumpy, frog-spawn like dessert so beloved of school caterers in years past, the tapioca you’ll find here is a deliciously crunchy pancake style creation that is filled with anything from cheese, tomato...
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Supermarket Savings

Ok, so the cursed financial crisis has taken its toll on your travel budget, and you’re starting to realise that dining out each and every night of your holiday in Rio is simply not an option. But don’t let the budget crisis turn into a culinary crisis – with a wealth of fresh, delicious and cheap ingredients on the supermarket shelves, self caterers can eat very well while spending very little. Whether you’re making your base in a budget hostel or a cost-friendly holiday...
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Italian Gelato: Beat The Heat

August in Italy is pretty brutal temperature wise. The island of Venice is probably one of the worst places you can be. With temperatures nearing 100 degrees and humidity to match, without any breeze it will do a number on almost everybody. But there is a way that you can help battle this terrible situation, it’s a simple as ordering a medium cup of your favorite flavor from one of the thousands of gelato stands in the city. Italian gelato is a treat, there’s not disputing that. It’s...
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Budget Accommodation in Amsterdam

Hotels in is Amsterdam are plentiful but not always very cheap. Here are a few suggestions for budget accommodation. Hotel Anne Marie, Jan Willem Brouwerstraat 14, Amsterdam Centrally located close to Van Gogh Museum and Vondelpark. A Super market is almost next door. Free internet, free towels, free coffee and tea. Prices per person per night range from €40 for a double with shared facilities to €22 in a 10-bed mixed dorm. A minimum stay of two days at the weekend is required. Payment in...
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Amsterdam Tram Etiquette

The best way to move about Amsterdam is on one of the white-and-blue trams. Buy your ticket in advance . At Centraal Station GVB (public transport) ticket office AKO Bookshop Opposite Centraal Station VVV, Tourist Office Other places Tobacconists, supermarkets, Bruna Bookshop, post-office agencies and VVVs (tourist office) From the driver or conductor: single trip ticket, 24-hour ticket If you have no ticket, board at the rear (sometimes in the middle) if the tram has a conductor. He / she sits behind...
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Affordable food on Kauai

Kauai is one of those islands where finding good, affordable food could be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  If you’re having trouble identifying delectable cheap eats, this list of places might help you get started.  At most of these restaurants you can easily dine for under $10 per person. Pho Kauai Lunch & Dinner 4303 Rice Street Suite B1 Lihue 808-245-9858 ”Vietnamese food, good prices, good size portions” La Bamba Mexican Restaurant Lunch & Dinner 3-2600 Kaumualii...
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Unlimited Tram Travel on a Budget in Amsterdam

Are you planning a visit to Amsterdam? Do you hate walking more than 500m? Your solution is a 24, 48, 72 or 96-hour transport ticket. They provide unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam on trams and buses. Validate your ticket in the yellow box on board each tram before you start your journey. Where to get your ticket: GVB (public transport) service points From tram and bus drivers, but only 24-hour card From ticket machines on tram # 5 At VVVs, Amsterdam Tourist Offices At AKO Bookshops, supermarkets...
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Best spot for a bargain pizza-fest

Hungry? Strapped for cash? Jump on the metro and head for Catete. This unassuming suburb on the outskirts of Centro is home to a plethora of restaurants offering all the pizza you can eat for staggeringly low prices. While you’ll pay upwards of R$25 for a standard-size pizza in most of Rio’s restaurants and bars, here you can gorge yourself on as much pizza as you like (the slices are brought round to your table, and you say yay or nay to each slice until you are fit to explode), as well...
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Things to do and see for free

While budget travelers visiting Rio might find the city expensive by South American standards, one consolation is that many of the city’s most spectacular attractions are absolutely free. To start with, there are the beaches. And what beaches. Whether you choose to lay your sarong  at Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Praia Vermelha, Sao Conrado, Barra da Tijuca or the quiet unspoilt sands to the west of Rio, the city’s beaches are welcoming spaces that are open to all. Yes, there might be...
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Cheap Barcelona Party: All-nighter in Poble Sec

  Cheap Barcelona Parties Ah Summer….Barcelona is a great city in the summer (except for how smelly it is….and if you’ve been here in August and walked down the Gothic streets, you know what I am talking about) because of all the parties. It’s no wonder Barcelona has the ‘fiesta-fever’ reputation it does, honestly, the city does know how to have a good time. One of the many ways Barcelona’s residents let their hair down is at their local neighborhood parties...
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Apartments that deliver luxury for less

... maravilhosa are looking to the apartment rental sector in search of luxurious lodgings that won’t blow a Brazil-sized hole in the travel budget. And with canny property owners wise to the idea that their beachside apartment could be a hit with the tourists, there are increasing numbers of companies offering apartments that really do deliver the goods. One such company is boutique apartment management and rental agency EZRio (http://www.ezrio.com). The agency rents out just a few select properties,...
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Santa Teresa – off the tourist track

The leafy hillside neighbourhood of Santa Teresa may be a long way from the beach, but what it lacks in sun-bathing opportunities it more than makes up for in charm and atmosphere. Awash with crumbling colonial mansions, Santa Teresa is regarded as Rio’s artiest neighborhood, and here you will find any number of artists, musicians, actors and others of a similarly bohemian disposition. But while ‘Santa’, as it is affectionately known, boasts plenty of opportunity for exploring,...
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Watch out for the hidden costs!

Every penny counts in today’s financial climate, and when it comes to managing your budget in Rio there are some important pointers to bear in mind if you don’t want to face nasty financial surprises. Firstly, and most importantly, never forget that virtually all bars and restaurants impose a 10 per cent service charge on your bill. You don’t need to tip additionally, but this service charge is not up for debate. Many a foreign visitor to Rio has faced an embarrassing moment at...
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Venice Arsenal & Naval Museum

Porta Magna Venice was a sea power, no doubt about it. In fact they would have to be considering the location of their city. For centuries they ruled the oceans, conquered foreign lands, and traded across continents all because of ships. So where were all of these great ships produced, they were all created on the North side of Venice at the Naval Headquarters…the arsenale! The Arsenal di Venezia was founded in the 12th century and allowed for the building and maintaining of the war ships of...
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Cheap beauty treatments

Beauty treatments can cost an arm and a leg – particularly in the West End. But if you want to look good on a budget you might try the London College of Beauty Therapy. Here, students practise their skills in the college’s own salon – and charge low prices. They’ve been trained in the latest techniques and in fact, you may be getting more up to date treatment than at some beauty parlours. A sixty minute facial for instance costs £20. At Harrods that would be nearer £90....
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